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Children grow too fast. You will not even realize how the three years passed and your little one now is too big for the cot bed. It means you need to choose a new sleeping place for your toddler. Surely, the new place needs also to be highly comfortable and safe for the healthy development of your kid. But, it is not enough. You will need to create a special atmosphere in their room to help them improve imagination and take adventurous energy. Creative kids bed appear as the best solution in such moments. One of such bed models is teepee beds.

A teepee is a kind of American Indian tent that is cone-shaped. It means "a place where one lives" in an American Indian language. The similar structure was used by Sami people in Europe too. The construction of the Tipi was the duty of women since they were responsible to create convenient conditions for the family to live and sleep. Modern designers inspired by this historic and traditional model and applied their look for children's bed. The result is a cute kid's bed that appears in various styles.

Teepee shaped bed is much more than a bed. Besides delivering a sweet sleeping place it turns to a lovely corner of the kids. It is not a surprising fact due to their design. Some children do not feel comfortable by sleeping on the floor bed just because of the enclosure problem. Teepee beds come in different varieties that have an enclosure as well. It gives them a sense of safety and helps to get deep sleep. With its playful style, such beds create a marvellous play zone as well. They will just create their own fantasy and become a hero daily in different stories. Therefore, teepee kid's bed always become a lovely place of the children.

The unique design of the teepee bed will fit into any modern interior. Kid's room in classic decoration will become more stylish with them. If you are struggling with finding a theme and idea for the kid's room, simplistic yet trendy design of toddler teepee bed will be an ideal option. For avoiding oversimplicity you can accompany the bed with minimalist additions like wall arts, rug, and other decorative elements.

Teepee models are suitable both for girls and boys. The decorative additions in the room will help you complete the design and make it specific for your boy or girl. The bed itself is customisable as well. You can add cushions, canopies, and garlands and make it more attractive.

These beds are not necessarily for little kids. By purchasing a large one instead of toddler bed 160x80 your kid will use it for long years. Once your kids are grown up, it is their decision how to decorate it and make it more actual. Teepee beds come in various colour options as well. You can find them in natural effect or in other tones. Our online store presents you a large catalogue of kids teepee bed where you can find the best option for your kid's room. You can be sure that all the beds are wooden made. We used only safe materials in the production.

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