Some siblings, especially the twins cannot imagine living in separate rooms. Even by having their individual rooms they can spend most of their time together. However, the situation looks different between siblings that have an age difference. It requires another approach and arranging method while designing a room for a teenager and child.

It can be a challenging and hard process when a toddler moves from the parents' bedroom to a place where will have the first adult bed. Besides the bed, a child will have a new atmosphere. It is also hard for an older child to suddenly share the room and see changes in the surrounding. There will large and noisy toys appear in the room. The small things belonging to your older child that can choke the little one disappear from the shelves. Risky stuff must be unachievable for the small. All these changes start to annoy your older child and give a feeling that space is being taken away. So how to counter such a situation? Large room size will give you more privilege since it will be possible to set virtual boundaries. In time both of them will get used and recognize their "personal area". Unfortunately, it becomes an issue in small places. A bed is the most important element of a shared room, however, sometimes there is even no place for a second bed.

House bed - a double bed for your children

It becomes a hard task when you have to choose a double bed that have to satisfy both children. A teenager will focus on comfort, while the little one will prefer a fairy-tale bed. It is also nice to have an option to use it as a sofa or playing area as well. There is a bed combining all these functions in one piece. House bed with pull-out drawer is the answer to your needs.

Playground: With a sliding or extended drawer, a house shaped bed is a great place to play for a younger child. All you need is a canopy or simply a blanket, and the bed can turn into a tent or a secret hideout where the little one will play for hours.

The original design: Wooden house bed online is a universal construction that can be a bed both for a child and teenager. The construction with a railing works best when you use it as a child's bed. To avoid the risks of a child falling out of the bed can be solved by placing a thick rug under the pull-out drawer. The drawer is so low that the child can only roll off the mattress. The reason we mention it is related to the variant having barriers. The Montessori bed will not so functional anymore and the older child will require adult assistance in most cases.

Functionality: Kid's house beds can have various functions depending on the model. The safety barriers against falling from upper mattress might not limit the functionality of playing area, however, it can prevent to effectively use it as a sofa couch. A sofa is essential to have in the children's room. When the children get older they start to prefer doing activities on "higher" levels than the floor. The floor is a great place to play but for teenagers watching a movie or meeting to talk in a seating area with friends will be also necessary.