Preparing to become a parent is a long way run. Along with the great happiness, new responsibilities knock on the door. Some parents might be afraid of sleepless nights. However, they are avoidable to some extent by choosing the right cot bed for your baby. Kids' room is a place where your baby will spend the majority of life in the first years. Every time after sleeping your baby will open the eyes and continue to observe the world around. So, designing the baby room becomes an exciting moment for many parents. If you read this, probably you are looking for the answer which cot beds will match your little one the best. Some parents spend plenty of money on designer cot beds. But the question appears: to what extent do your babies need a luxury cot bed?

Designer cot beds have a lot of pros. First of all, let's highlight the proper design. The nursery set's unique and solid-looking design turn the room into an adorable comfort zone. The inspiring atmosphere will affect your baby's taste and personality in a positive way. Secondly, the functionality moves forward. For example, 3 piece nursery sets provide enough place to store belongings and leave more space to play. The cot beds in these sets are transformable. So, you are buying something for a long run. When your baby will grow enough to switch to bed, removing the sides will allow you to have a nice kids house bed without additional costs. If you plan to have more than one baby, this kind of delightful cot beds will serve to your family for long years.

On the other hand, you might consider purchasing a more budget-friendly alternative. Cheap nursery furniture set does not mean the low quality. Yes, they might be simple and have fewer functionalities. But you have an option to use your imagination and customize it according to your taste. The first and foremost thing to consider when buying a cot bed is safety. The furniture needs to be made from harmless materials, have no sharp points and cutouts. Having non-toxic teething rails is a must. It prevents babies to take in paint or lacquer and saves the look of the bed. Nowadays, almost all cot beds match with the designated safety standards. So, choosing a low-priced option will not knock out your baby's safety.

Consequently, it is a matter of choice depending on the budget, room size, and priorities. It is good to buy a gorgeous looking cot bed for your baby and create royalty ambience in the room. However, infants grow really fast. It is temporary furniture, and you will have to change it at some point. MrHousey offers both unique and budget-friendly cot beds. Check our online store and choose the best option for you. You will have a sense of safety since all the cot beds conform to British safety standards (BSEN716) and other European Union standards. Our products made in EU with materials delivered from Italy and Spain. You will be satisfied with the high-quality products at affordable prices and superb customer service.