Dining tables take up a lot of space in a home and that why they should reflect one’s style and not someone else’s.

Funique prides itself in finding unique versions of dining tables that are sometimes far removed or not even in the same ball park from the traditional wood rectangle that is made out of plywood and will break a week after having it.


This can be a challenge, so thinking creatively means interesting designs make their way to us but what we always have in our dining tables is solid wood that has been sourced from sustainable European forests. There are designs include engines ways to hide and open extending tables and dinky little dining tables that feel bigger than they really are.


Here at Funique we can offer something for everyone’s needs and requirements from solid oak tables, extending dining tables. This all comes from are knowing that one has to model round a person not someone modeling round us and that is why we stand out from many other furniture sellers.


Here are some dining tables settings we have prepared for you: