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Today we will talk about how to design and decorate a room for your little girl. When we say a kid's room for girls the first thing comes to mind often is a place with pink emphasizes. However, this time we will try to show a different approach and present more ideas that can perfectly suit your daughter's room. The design is highly important yet you should focus on more creating a place with comfort and functionality. Children, in general, grow with a rapid. Their interests and preferences change with the temp as well. Your toddler might like change favourite cartoon personage daily. So we do not recommend to be in rush and decorate the room by wallpapers with a favourite character on it. It is better to go for a more neutral option and spice up the place with textiles, wall stickers or some other elements done by yourself.

Since we started with the design point let's continue with that and focus on colour. You can use modern shades of orange with some additions of electric blue. Orange is one of the best colours to use in a kid's room. It is possible to add some decorations to the wall with floral prints focusing on more graphic than the flower. It will help to keep the modern vibes in your toddler's room. Girls bedroom does not always have to be with colourful effect. You can show a more creative approach by using black and white harmony decorated with geometric patterns. Such neutral colour palettes will give you more decoration opportunity that can be changed in time easily. However, listen to your little girl. She might already have a favourite colour. Even if this colour is pink you can pick brighter tones to have a neutral look and then decorate it with additional elements.

After completing the design it is to focus on functionality. You have to take consideration of all the issues. The bed must be made from safe materials and secure during sleep as well. You can choose for your princess a toddler bed or an adult size bed. It highly depends whether your kid is ready to transform from cot a big bed or not. Do not dismiss storage. Your girl will have more and more belongings day by day. If the room area allows place a large wardrobe to accommodate all those things. Keep in mind that you should leave space for playing and other activities as well. Use wall-mounted shelves to store some part of belongings there. You can place colourful baskets for segmenting different toys. It will be both good-looking and functional. You should get to consider the future as well. That is why a large kid's desk will be beneficial for your girl to have a place for homework or to practice painting skills.