When your baby grows and becomes older it is time to make some refreshments in the room. The requirement for changes come with diversifying interests of your children. Now your child, might not like the superhero he loved 3 months ago and be in love with completely different themes. However, usually, when they become a kid they already have one favourite topic. One of the most loved topics by kids is inspired by Native American/Indian culture. The details of this culture are perfectly adopted by furniture designers and they could excellently implement it for kid's room interior. Most children enjoy its features and adore such a design. So how to decorate your little Indian's bedroom? We will help you in this way.

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Despite what theme or interior style you choose for your kid's room the place you need to start is the bed. Bed continues to be the main furniture item in your kid's room. Furniture designers created a lovely option for a Native American themed kid's room. They called these beds a teepee bed. Yes, the name reminds teepee tents and they look like those tents. Their special structure creates a playful atmosphere in the room and takes your little one to a fairytale world. Teepee beds come in minimalist style and leave some extra decoration ideas to you. You can make them look like a real tent by covering with a canopy. Teepee bed with canopy gives a sense of closure to kids. It is essential for some children due to the Montessori approach. Teepee beds mostly come as a floor bed following Montessori parenting method. Covering the bed will help your kid feel secure and easily get used to the bed.

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Not every parent applies Montessori approach and opts for traditional kid's beds. There are alternative ways of creating the same atmosphere without a kid's teepee bed as well. Organize a teepee play tent in the kid's room to create a playful zone for your little one. This option has its own advantage. Your kid will have separate places to sleep and play. It will help your child to associate bed and bedtime only with sleeping, while the play tent will be a lovely place for different activities and games. Decorate the tent with lights and place some cushions inside to make it a comfortable and cheerful corner of your kid's room.

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The bed or tent might not be enough to complete the overall theme and atmosphere in the place. Accessories come to the aid at this point. The walls in the room of your kid will play an essential role. You can hang a wall art matching the interior. Dream catchers are known as one of the main elements in Native American/Indian themed interiors. Therefore, it will be a great addition to hang on the wall or next to the bed. You can create extra decoration that will be functional as storage as well. Hang teepee shaped floating shelves on the wall to complete the design and have more capacity for storage on the walls.