It’s a well-known fact that the more space that you have, the more space you will fill.

Smaller homes, as well as compact business premises, may seem as if you will struggle for places to store your possessions, but with a bit of creative thinking and ingenuity, you can live in organised and uncluttered perfection.

Want to display what you own? Shelves, shelves and even more shelves make use of otherwise empty wall spaces and the current trend for the ‘lived-in’ look means that minimalism is no longer the only revered look. Consider placing items on shelves that would usually be kept hidden, for a look that is quirky and uniquely you. This will also free up space in cupboards and drawers for items that you can’t put on view.

Got a real passion for fashion? Multi-purpose hangers let you make the most of limited wardrobe space by giving you the option of hanging a few items on one hanger without fear of creasing. Specifically designed for the exact problem, let the design excellence of other be your own storage salvation.

Like to experience the latest and greatest in innovation? Vacuum bags let you store bulky items with ease by literally ‘shrinking’ them in an airtight environment simply by using your hoover nozzle. This also keeps items safe from environmental air damage so is also ideal for items such as wedding dresses and heirlooms that you want to preserve.

See yourself as a bit of a basket case? Whether you go for wicker or just plain old plastic, baskets have the advantage of coming in a myriad of different sizes and are great for smaller items that are more-fiddly to place. Baskets are perfect in bathrooms and places where you need easy and quick access to the contents within.

Grab a hook and make wise use of any free space in wardrobes and cupboards. The hook itself can be anything that is suitable, even down to it being a plain screw, but it will allow you to place items such as ties, belts and jewellery somewhere neat and tidy without the need for extra boxes.

And items such as racks can be used for far more things than plates and dishes. Baking trays, paper and even food sachets will look super neat and organised as well as being incredibly easy to find.

As storage is an ever-present real-life, real-time option, do your research and it is highly likely that someone will have a product that will suit your needs. From functional to quirky, versatile to decorative, the internet is literally awash with clever little objects that will make your storage life easy.  Forget struggling to find storage solutions, and embrace whatever will help.

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