Of course, a cot wouldn’t be a cot without the ability to sleep in it, and luckily this is not a case of style over substance. With an adjustable height mattress option and the ability to convert into a bed when needed, you are spending your money wisely, knowing that this piece of furniture will be useful for many years to come.

Nurseries can often be the smallest room in the home, meaning that finding storage space is a common problem. With clothes, nappies, toys and a whole lot more to accommodate, anything that helps takes the storage strain has to be a huge bonus. The combo cot bed ingeniously has both side drawers as well as under storage capacity, giving a variety of storage sizes that mean there is a space for pretty much anything and everything. When children are first born and with clothes being so tiny, there is often no need for a wardrobe straightaway, meaning that the combo cot bed truly may solve all your problems, especially if finances are initially tight.

But where the combo cot bed truly excels and becomes an enviable piece of furniture design is the inclusion of a changing table. By cleverly utilising space at the end of the cot that is normally redundant, you have the perfect changing table, and with storage capacity at the end of the combo cot bed as well, everything you need is close to hand.

So, is the combo cot bed nursery furniture set perfection? Certainly, for those who are struggling to find space for extra furniture pieces, this is a genius find indeed that leaves you wondering why these haven’t hit the market before. However, having the ability to keep everything you need neat and tidy and in one place keeps the nursery clutter free and parents stress-free, and that has to be a result.