Colours are synonymous with the joyful expression when it comes to home interior. Spring is the season of hues with soft radiant sun bathing the colourful bloom of flowers in nature. But how can you bring the same colours and joyful mood within the four walls of your living room? Obviously, you cannot change the whole interior ending up buying too many new furniture pieces. Do you want to achieve such an effect with minimum effort? Well, let us introduce here a few colourful living room ideas that can help you achieve optimum effect with minimum effort.

• Colourful Sofas

Wow! Such is my immediate expression when I see a fascinating Crimson red new sofa set in the living space. Yes, it happened quite a few times and except once or twice I never found the vibrant and energetic red as offensive and vulgar. When it comes to decorating your room with colourful sofas vibrant colours are ideal options. What about fluorescent yellow or bright orange as colours of your sofa? I must say these options are perfect as long as you know how to use these colours to create the ideal contrast. If you want your sofa to add colour to the living room as the centrepiece positioning it in the middle or in a place to draw maximum attention is important as well.

4 Seater Sofas

Now when you decided to make the interior more colourful with a new sofa, it is important to decide on the type of sofa you want for your living room. Would it be a regular 3 seater or a spacious 4 seater or a 4 seater split sofa with flexible arrangement of seats? It depends on the size and shape of the living space and how you want to make use of the floor space. A big 4 seater sofa is just fine if you can accommodate it with ample leg space in front and create a sense of harmony and opulence. The place should not look cluttered and cramped at all.

• Brown Blue & Sofa

Do you want to experiment a little with uncommon colours in your sofa? Well, there are quite a few options and some of them really have been trendsetters. My personal favourite is brown blue sofa. The brown looks exceptionally plush if you use it sparingly while soft blue can just make the sofa seats look more inviting and pleasant. A perfectly tailored sofa with brown and blue creating the right contrast is gorgeous and sophisticated

Modern Sofas

When it comes to doing something beautiful and splendid for your interior, modern sofas with unique design and shape offer some jaw dropping options. My personal favourite among the modern sofa designs is the custom suited split sofa that can be arranged in multiple ways to accommodate seating in various directions and postures. It may require a little bit of extra floor space but you never can find a better option to add glam to your living space while maintaining optimum comfort and ease of sitting for everyone in your family and guests.

Green Sofas

‘Green is the colour’, that sounds like quoting one of my favourite Pink Floyd song. But in this case it implies my fascination with the shades of green for living room sofa. Green instantly offers a smooth, fresh and lively feel similar to looking at a field of grass or a smooth mowed lawn. Green sofas are just like that, a piece of greenery right inside your living space. Moreover, such a colour on your sofa never gets old and boring. After years of sitting on it and after an year length of chit-chat and movie watching done sitting on that sofa, it still looks inviting and fresh as new. That's exactly why I like green sofa for my living room.


Hey, do you think you just had enough ideas for making your living room colourful? Wait, we forgot to mention something really important. It is about choosing the sofa material and the type of sofa. Yes, it deserves a separate post. But as a piece of advice I always tell you to go for low footprint stylish sofas made with quality materials. Never compromise on quality and comfort as this would be the centerpiece of your living room