The environment you work highly impacts your results. Where you to operate to have all the right conditions answering your demands? Nowadays, co-working spaces have well-known popularity. Business owners, freelancers and many more people opt for these places due to many advantages. But are co-working spaces have only the plusses? We will find it out together by going through the positive and negative sides of these places.

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Most co-working spaces have a location privilege. Being usually located in city centres increases professional impression on your prospective clients, potential employees, vendors, financial contributors and many more. Such places free your time spent on additional service organizing. Co-working places provide you with additional services like professional receptionist, secretarial, IT support, office and building maintenance, cleaning. This fact allows you to focus more on your business. Another advantage of co-working places is the facility. Basically, everything required to work is ready and included in the rental fees. By the way, they offer highly flexible with deal period and space arrangement contracts. Their user-friendly rental agreements that are easy to understand and avoid unnecessary terms commonly observed in commercial office renting. Networking is an essential point for growing business opportunities. In co-working space, you have a chance to meet a large community with various business profiles within the same facility. Co-working places offer better amenities than traditional offices. Such spaces are visually well designed where all the details considered. There are relaxation and food areas. All you need is just to start your work.

Despite all the pre-mentioned positive aspects, several disadvantages also require attention. Personal brands and corporate styles are limited. Although some places allow having offices and furniture personalized still it can be an issue for companies with big branding. Your business will be less visible. You will not have an advantage of placing signboard on the exterior of the office as in traditional offices. However, there are some exclusions with alternative solutions. Since you will be sharing the facilities they might be not available always when you require them. It makes essential to act in advance and reserve places like meeting rooms and lounge areas. Co-working spaces might be not as quiet as you wish. People working on keyboards, often opening doors and more can distract your attention. It might be not the best place for works requiring precise focus. Privacy can make you worry as well.

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Co-working spaces are highly attractive with their positive sides, however, for some people, the negative aspects might be not compromisable. There are various popular co-working spaces in London like Soho Works, We Work, Huckletree, Spaces, Fora and more. In such a case, organizing a home office might a better solution. It requires some effort as you are supposed to purchase at least an office desk. Some people love to design it completely, where Scandinavian home office furniture can be a great solution. You can find elegant designer desks online on our website as well. We have a wide range of home office furniture of high-quality with affordable prices.