A long waited Christmas is on its way and coming soon. This special time is one of the most loved and awaited moments of the year. Christmas brings peace, happiness, and joy to the houses. People gather together with their family and share this delightful moment. The traditional meals, holiday presents, celebration songs are all essential elements of the Christmas. Children are in love with Christmas more than adults. It is not surprising since they get a lot of presents and enjoy the lovely moment. One of the exclusive points about Christmas is the decorating process. Holiday decorations play a key role in bringing the merry atmosphere to your home. By showing the right approach, it is possible to organise marvellous decoration that you and your guests will feel in love and be charged with holiday spirit. Different rooms at your home require a different approach in decorating. This time we will give you some tips and ideas about the living room.

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Let's consider the parts of living room separately and start from the walls. One of the simplest yet functional ideas that you can implement is the wall art. Hang some Christmas related wall arts to bring the holiday ambience. If your living room is in a traditional and classic style, it is a great idea to enliven the room with greenery. By hanging a lovely wreath with red bows, you will have a perfect holiday accessory for your walls. Greenery and bow are one the main elements in Christmas decorations. They give you large opportunity to use them in various ways according to your creativity. You can hang olive leaf wreaths on several walls and connect them with ribbons. Your coffee table, shelves and minimalistic Scandi sideboard in the living room are perfect items to use for different Christmas accessories. Add to your coffee table surface beautiful candles, vases filled with ornaments, some red flowers or fruits. In living rooms with minimalist Scandinavian furniture, you can replace such items with DIY accessories.

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It is true that not every accommodation have cabin fire. However, it is a fantastic part of the living room to try different accessories and decoration methods. This is the place for Christmas stocking. Hang some Christmas socks on cabin fire. Try to match their style to the rest of decors as much as you can. Cabin fire perfectly suits the already mentioned elements as well. You can make it look magnificent with greenery, candles on the tabletop, or vases with ornaments. Probably, the most important detail in holiday decoration is the Christmas tree. Traditionally it is decorated with many Christmas ornaments. However, there are new trends that have a unique approach. One of such ideas is to have a white and decorate with single coloured ornaments. Gold elements are another trending alternative. The choice depends on your wish and taste. We prefer the traditional tree style with ornaments and lights. Just keep in mind to have all the decoration details to be in harmony.

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Hopefully, these tips were helpful, and you will have a great Christmas atmosphere not only in your living room but the entire home. Do not forget to take a look at MrHousey store to consider some holiday presents for your beloved ones.