Choosing the right furniture for a limited space

Find yourself living in a less than spacious space? While you might be short on room, it doesn’t mean you need to cut back on style. With some clever planning and consideration, you can transform even the smallest of rooms into a stylish little haven.

Read on to find some great tips on choosing the right furniture for your home.

Keep plenty of clever storage to hand

Storage is essential in any space – but it’s even more important when you’ve got less room around you. To prevent rooms from becoming cluttered with unwanted items left lying around, look for accessible and functional storage solutions that can be easily hidden away in plain sight.

Look for multipurpose tables and dressers with additional storage spaces – drawers are ideal places to put documents or other essentials out of the way when not needed, while stools or ottomans that hide a hidden storage compartment within are great for keeping items such as blankets, toys and other accessories out of sight.

 Try nesting

Nesting furniture is perfect for smaller rooms, as it can be easily stacked away and stored when not needed, and can be used to provide as much table or seating space as you want. Coffee and dining tables are great nested options – perfect when you need some extra tabletop space for entertaining.

You can also get a little more creative with nesting, and apply the same principle to other furniture. Instead of a desk or dresser, why not try a low bench – keeping stools or backless chairs nested away underneath when you need to open up some extra space?

Play with surfaces

As well as using your furniture in a more space-effective way, you can also use it to create the feeling of greater space, simply by playing with the surfaces and textures you introduce.

Mirrors are a lovely way of adding more light into a room, especially if there is little natural light. Place a mid-sized mirror opposite a window to reflect more light into a room, as well as creating a feeling of extra space.

Choose furniture with neat, minimal edges. While large, soft sofas with floor-grazing edges or oversized throws might feel lusciously cozy, they can also give the illusion of taking up more space than they really do. Leaving that extra sliver of space between the sofa and the ground clear will add a welcome touch of roominess.

Stick to the sides

When arranging your rooms, try to keep the centre space in any area as free as possible. By keeping the layout free and open, it will be much more comfortable and spacious to move around in.

Add a soft and inviting rug to make your floor extra welcoming.

Backless furniture, such as bench seats, sofas and day beds, as well as side-less shelves, all create the impression of taking up less space – while still letting you have the comfort and storage solutions you need to make your home practical.

What are your favourite ways to style a smaller room? Share your ideas with us in the comments!