Both parents and child get excited when it is time for a toddler to move from a crib. However, there is a time-consuming issue coming as well. Usually, this process happens when a child is from one and a half to three years old. By understanding the situation and showing the right approach you ease the process.

You will understand that your little one is now too big for crib after the constant jail-breaks and high activity in a crib. The main questions here whether to move the baby to a toddler bed or adult size single bed. Consider the family needs. 2-year-old kids can be too small for adult size beds, while toddler beds come in excellent size matching them ideally. These beds are low to the ground guarantees allowing easy access and safety for your kid. The safety stays priority when your baby grows as well. To prevent the possibility of rolling out of the bed is secured with guard rails. Some toddler beds come with built-in barriers, while for the other you might need an additional purchase. Toddler beds are lower at price than the adult size single beds. However, keep in mind that you will use them for a short period. All the mentioned details make a toddler bed more favourable in comparison with adult size bed. If your kid is still not born and you are planning the future purchase, it will be useful to consider convertible cot beds as well. These type of beds are a great option in the long run. Convertible cot beds can easily be transformed from a crib to a toddler bed anytime simply by removing some parts.

There is some alternative kid's bed solution you can implement as well. Montessori beds are a worth-to-consider option. Such beds are placed on floor level making it safer for your kid and easier to get in and out. These beds can be both in a toddler bed size and adult size. It is recommended to pick a single bed size to have a beneficial option. Since your kid will have easy access you do not need to worry about height. Some models come with barriers. If u still worry that your little one can roll out of the bed place some soft rugs around the bed. Such floor beds come in various design options. You can select a house shaped or teepee shaped bed. Both house beds and teepee beds are highly loved by kids and can be customized with additional decorations like lights or garlands.

The last decision is yours. Whether you choose a convertible cot bed, toddler bed, or a floor bed we have a broad range of kid's bed selections that will perfectly fit your 2 year-old-baby. All our products are made of high-quality materials and safe for your children.