Finding out you are expecting a girl is a wonderful moment in any parent’s life. It’s a moment full of joy, expectation and chances. It’s the moment you decide to give her everything you ever had and more. It’s the moment you decide that she will forever be your princess.

And let’s face it, if there is one thing every princess needs, it’s her very own fairytale castle; a beautiful nursery dressed in pink. For every parent the nursery you pick for your baby is an expression not only of your love, but of your personality and of the life you hope your baby will go on to have. It’s the first gift you give them, the first place they will dream, somewhere you will hold them and love them and welcome them into your life.

Pink is without doubt the colour of choice for those with little girls; perhaps because for those of us who are mummies we will always be little girls at heart. After all, given a choice, I wouldn’t say no to a beautiful pink bedroom! Given a choice I would still relive that perfect childhood.

Pink means princesses, it means style conscious, it means modern. Done right, it can also mean standing out from the crowd, making a statement and creating the wow factor. Just like princesses, not all pinks are created equal; some are by definition more special than others.

The Lily Victorian Cotbed is one such statement piece. It’s a piece guaranteed to bring classic style to any nursery, a timeless elegance that can’t help but impress, a piece truly fit for the most perfect of princesses. Teamed with beautiful crisp white linens, pale pinks, or modern greys this is a cotbed which won’t fail to impress even the most discerning of tastes. Everything about this piece says quality and beauty. It’s more than a place to sleep; it’s a place to create dreams, to feel special, to feel loved.

What’s even more remarkable is that this is a piece which will truly stand the test of time; converting not just into a cotbed but a sofa, and even if you choose into a full sized bed. It’s an investment not only in your infant but in their future. A chance to make any little girl feel like the princess she truly is. A chance to create a stunning pink room; a room that will make your little girl the envy of her friends; the belle of the ball.

 And yet, it’s not just a beautiful piece, it’s not just a piece that will grow with your child; it’s a piece that considers the practicalities of modern childhood. With a large under-cot storage drawer, it will provide extra space in even the smallest of nurseries; keeping much needed supplies well away from tiny hands. The bed rail will protect your child, ensuring that they stay safe even after conversion whilst losing none of the charm and beauty of the piece, and the quality of the wood will make this an heirloom piece you can pass on from generation to generation, from princess to princess.

Discovering you will have a daughter is a beautiful moment, but nothing is as wonderful as that moment you first hold her in your arms and bring her home. Choose a nursery fit for that moment, a nursery fit for a princess. An exquisite pink palace that any child would be proud of.