Choosing a grey nursery

There are few things in life that are more exciting than preparing for a baby; preparations that are wrapped up with hopes and dreams and the promise of the little person that is soon to arrive. There are so many things to think about, to get ready, to choose. Decisions to make, plans to invoke.

And of those decisions, none are more important than the nursery itself; the cornerstone on which other plans can be made. Planning a nursery is like planning a dream, a place to nest, to feel safe, a place to create a sanctuary for the new arrival. It’s a way of expressing what you want for your child, and who they will be.

A grey nursery is a statement. It’s a statement that says modern, unique, a room that will stand out. It’s a nursery that is both classic and contemporary, a nursery that will stand the test of time whilst still being totally in the here and now. It’s a nursery that teamed with cool blues will be perfect for the little prince in your life, yet one that will be easily transferable to a beautiful princess with the timeless combination of pale pinks. Or why not add a modern twist, and add the zingy bright yellow that is so in this season? It’s a perfect option for those who’ve decided to leave finding out the sex of their newborn until the big day.

Our gorgeous Daisy nursery set fits the bill completely; it’s elegance, quality and practicality cannot help but make your nursery a room to remember. It is a set perfectly proportioned to look as fantastic in the tiniest box room as in the grandest mansion. Coming in three different package sizes as well two different sizes of stand alone cot there is an option to fit every budget and every room. The most beautiful unique and contemporary nursery is literally a click away; waiting to cradle your newborn in a room as perfect as they are.

What’s more this is a room that will last your precious infant way past their babyhood, into their early years and beyond. The stunning cot, transforms not only into a junior bed protected by a safety rail, but also a sofa – perfect for those later years when friends come to visit. The slick stylish wardrobe, chest and bookcase could easily be dressed in such a way to appeal to the most style conscious teenager. Teeming them with dark black or crisp white fabrics, will immediately provide a much older feel. What better choice than a nursery that will grow with your child; keeping alive your precious memories of their early days whilst keeping up with their needs by providing them with space to grow.

Whatever your nursery theme, from Harry Potter to Winnie the Pooh, from Noah’s Ark to Bears, this is a set that will transform your nursery from the ordinary to the unique. The warm modern grey works perfectly alongside the classic design of the furniture, making your nursery a room to remember.

Perhaps what is even more important is that the furniture not only looks beautiful but lends itself so perfectly to the practicalities of real life with a baby; the changing table is not only the perfect height, but being over the beautiful chest of drawers means that everything you need can be right at hand whilst still maintaining clean crisp lines around the room. The under-cot drawer provides perfect extra storage without taking up additional space in the room; whilst the wardrobe is perfectly compartmentalized to make sure there is a perfect space to fit all of your baby’s wonderful things.

This is a set designed not only to look amazing, not only to give your baby the perfect room in which to start their life, but which will make your job as parents easier. Cool grey sophistication, classic timeless furniture, a perfect nursery, just waiting to be filled with your love.