When you have a new member of the family you start to consider your accommodation as well. Sooner or later your baby will grow up and will need personal space. If it is not your first child you might not additional place at home. Surely, the easiest way will be to find new accommodation that will answer to your all requirements and perfectly suit you. However, it is not as easy as to write. Therefore, you will need to organize a shared room for your children. When you have twins the process is a little easier, however, the big age difference between the children can be an issue. Yet we prepared useful solutions to help you in this process.

Source: Nestdesigns

All the furniture items in the room can be shared except a bed. You will have to provide both your children with a comfortable and safe sleeping place where they can rest without disturbance. If you can place two separate single beds for them then there is no problem. However, keep in mind to avoid stuffing the room. They will require some space to play and do other activities. Therefore, beds should not occupy the majority of the room. In such cases, there are alternative solutions by the furniture designers. One of them is to go for bunk beds. Bunk beds have a perfect structure to accommodate two persons. Their structure consists of two single sized beds placed on top of the other. It allows having a sleeping place for 2 persons by occupying only one bed. They have a fastened ladder that makes it easy to climb up. Such beds give equal place for both children and make them equally happy. Bunk beds can offer you storage capacity as well. Some models can be equipped with bottom drawers to have a place to store personal belongings. Moreover, they appear in various designs.

There is another option as well that despite the late appearance in the market became favourite by many parents. It is a bed with a pull-out option. These beds have a built-in bottom drawer in a mattress size that can be used for several purposes. If you want to organize a children's room for 2, you can easily place an adult size single mattress and create a sleeping place for both. This option gives additional advantages as well. Firstly, such a bed can be a perfect selection for a single kid as well. Your child will have an opportunity to have guest friends. The pull-out bed can be used as a sofa as well. After some time having a sofa will be essential in your children's room. You can find pull-out beds in several designs. House beds will pull-out bed add a magnificent look to the place. Their minimalist style will spread a serene atmosphere in the room. Moreover, such a simplistic style gives more personalizing opportunity. You can decorate the bed with lights or garlands and make it more attractive.

Overall, it can seem hard to find the best bed option for the siblings. However, after careful consideration, you will be able easily to find what works for your children best. Check our online store to meet with a large range of children's bed at affordable prices.