Babies grow rapidly. Suddenly, you will realise the old sleeping place is now too small. As a result, parents start to look for better options that will continue to provide a comfortable and healthy environment for the development of your kid. It is the period when your little one starts to be freer, to run, play and climb. Therefore, the new sleeping zone must conform to these requirements and not occupy a large area in the room. However, the small size of the room might limit your selections. Mostly, in such cases, cabin beds and bunk beds appear as the best solutions. We present you detailed information about both options, where you can see their strengths and drawbacks and choose the right one for your kid's room.


Cabin beds

Cabin beds are remarkable with their exclusive design. Their advantaged design empowers functionality as well. It is a trendy product among families with single children and small accommodation. Since the small size of a room will not let you equip it with separate furniture items, cabin beds will be a better selection. Cabin beds are the combination of different elements and provide with their features along the sleeping zone. These beds deliver excellent storage solutions. You will have plenty of places to store personal goods in a built-in wardrobe and drawers depending on the design. Storage is not the only advantage. Designers take into consideration future requirements as well. Some models include a built-in desk, bookcase, and shelves. Cabin Bed With Desk & Storage amaze with beautiful design. They add extra charm to the room and help you to create a perfect interior style in the kid's room. It is also essential to mention the comfort. These model beds are full of advantages that turns them into an ideal option for families with a single kid.

Bunk beds

Bunk bed is an ideal space saver as well, however with a different feature. They combine several sleeping places in one item. You should choose a bunk bed if you are organising a shared children room. It is also useful when your kid often guest sleepovers. Bunk beds come in various designs and shapes. One of them is loft bed providing with a single high sleeper bed and space under it useful for different purposes. This type of bunk bed is an excellent alternative to cabin bed with a lower price. Triple or trundle bunk beds will be a better option for a room shared by three persons. These models provide the third user with a standard additional level or pull-out trundle under the main bed. Bunk beds present many plusses. Some of them deliver storage solutions. It is possible to separate the beds and turn to single beds as well. The design of stylish bunk beds is remarkable. There are some points about bunk beds that can be accepted as drawbacks. First of all, they present small storage opportunities. Secondly, they mainly provide only with a sleeping zone, which means other functionalities in the room needs to be achieved by separate furniture items.


Consequently, we highly recommend high sleeper cabin bed for families designing a room for their single kid, while bunk beds are ideal for parents with siblings. MrHousey gives you the opportunity to furnish the kid's room with delightful products. You can find a charming cabin and bunk beds of high-quality at affordable prices. You will be satisfied with a serene and lovely atmosphere created by the products from our online store.