No matter whether you want to buy furniture online or at a furniture shop, selecting the right sofa is never easy. There are several important parameters that should be taken into account in order to be fully satisfied with your purchase. You should remember that a sofa will be in your house for 5-10 years, hence instead of impulse buying and using great retail opportunities we highly recommend you to consider your purchases carefully.

At MrHousey we offer you many years of experience in the manufacture of sofa and that is why we can share with you the key aspects that will help you make the best choice


See what’s inside

Many sofa look beautiful only from the outside, remember that the most important for your sofa’s quality and durability is its inside part, that is its frame – a so called sofa base (support). It is important that a frame is made of hardwood with high hardness and adequate humidity. At MrHousey we use frames made of high quality beech wood. It is a popular material  in the furniture industry, used – inter alia – in the manufacture of tables and chairs. The wood that we use to produce frames and sofa bases comes from legal, renewable European sources. A well-made frame is a guarantee that your sofa will not collapse under the weight the persons sitting on it, it will not crack during transport associated with the move, it will change its shape and, most importantly, it will not rot / become senile in the inside. The last aspect is particularly significant for the health of our household members. Remember that while relaxing on your sofa, you are in direct contact with this piece of furniture. Only the highest quality natural non-toxic materials provide durable and healthy use of the sofa.

At MrHousey we are  sure about the quality of our products and therefore you will get a 10-year warranty for the frame of our sofas

Ask about comfort

In various countries of Europe customers have different preferences in terms of comfortableness. British and Dutch customers like very comfortable sofas, usually without the sleeping function. 

Customers from the East-Central Europe focus mainly on functionality of a sofa, which sometimes have a negative impact on the its comfortableness. Foams used in the manufacture of sofas should be chosen in such a way that the furniture is as comfortable as possible. However, it is not allowed that a user would sink into it or that a sofa would be subject to permanent deformation process.

At MrHousey we use a mix of comfortable and flexible foams. This gives you optima comfortableness and makes that a sofa always returns to its former shape. Foams should have all the certificates for use in the EU. Foams used in the UK should have additional flammability test results. It is important that foam comes from a reputable manufacturer, is it non-toxic, as well as environment- and user-friendly.


Look at flexibility

When buying a sofa bear in mind that it is not a spontaneous purchase for a while. Take into account all your needs before you make a final choice. If you need specific sizes ask about the possibility of adapting the sofa for your needs.

At MrHousey we have a wide range of standard size sofas. In case where sew custom-made sofa is needed, we will gladly take up this challenge, however you must remember that the manufacture of the sofa, from scratch adjusted to your needs, is associated with an increased price and waiting period.

If you like to frequently change a design of our interiors, think about buying a sofa with a loose cover. This will allow you to enjoy a new, fresh design without having to replace the entire piece of furniture. You will also save money and you will be able to enjoy a completely new ‘look’ of your living room.


Pay attention to materials and fabrics

Take into account not only the appearance and color but also technical parameters of materials. For example, if you are bringing up small children and your sofa may be exposed to frequent soiling, consider choosing a fabric that is water repellent and stain resistant (e.g. Magician). On the other hand, if the sofa will be used in the office or public premise the most important is the strength of the fabric.

The fabric can be Polyester, it may be natural but the most important is that is has been tested by a laboratory in terms of flammability, toxicity, resistance to UV rays.

At MrHousey we care about the choice of fabrics. We import only materials from reputable manufacturers and distributors. We buy from the same sources as the top interior designers. This allows us to offer the highest quality of the products and simultaneously we are able to preserve affordable prices.


What Functionality do you need

If you like to change the position of your sofa, consider buying one standing on legs with wheels. If your space is limited and you like inviting visitors who, for example, stay at your place for the whole weekend, it is advisable to consider installing the sleeping function in your sofa (assembly  of this function is possible only in some models). Please note that the assembly of the sleeping function in the sofa may slightly reduce its level of comfortableness.
If you and your family members spend a lot of time in the living room, consider choosing a corner sofa that will have enough space for all your household members and will be your domestic leisure and entertainment center.


Delivery Time

Various stores offer different delivery time periods. You can buy a sofa off-the-shelf, but you never not know how much time it has spent in the warehouse. In addition, you are given only one certain option, and you receive no possibility of  customization of your sofa. Some stores offer 6-10 weeks delivery time of sofas.

At MrHousey we are proud that we are the UK's fastest sofa makers. We manufacture every single sofa manually for the customer within 14-21 days. Delivery takes approximately seven days after the completion of the production process. It is really fast!!!


Buy Sofa Online

At MrHousey we are suer about high qaulity of our sofas. We realize that buying a sofa online is not easy, therefore we offer our customers free samples to make them able to see the quality of materials and choose the right one. Additionally, with no small prints we offer a free return! If, for some reason, your sofa does not meet expectations, we will refund you 100% of the paid amount. It is very important to provide buying comfort.
Many online retailers get 30% of the production charge for cancellations of orders.
At MrHousey 100% no hassle. Delivey and return always free.