Yes, it takes nine whole months to make a baby, but due to our stressful and busy lives, many parents find that they are leaving some of the most important buying decisions until it is far too late. This often includes the nursery furniture, leaving expectant parents with fewer choices than if they made earlier decisions. There are so many reasons to consider buying your nursery furniture online and early.

Many furniture companies have long lead in times

There is a very good chance that the furniture company you choose to supply your nursery furniture will offer you a lead-in time of at least four weeks. This is because they may not have the items you want in stock. They are able to keep their prices lower by keeping only very popular items in stock and if you want something unique or special, you must expect to wait longer.

You can save stress 

The last few weeks of pregnancy may seem like the perfect time to do your essential shopping – after all you will be on maternity leave and had a chance to save up some spending money. But it is also the time you will be at your most tired and if you find what you want isn't available, you may find it very stressful. Ordering at least 2 months in advance really does make sense. You can also them put aside the worry of what happens if your baby comes early.

 You are left with fewer options

If you are only able to choose off the shelf, because you can't wait for the lead-in times, you might have to settle for a design or style you don't like. That cot you loved six months ago may now be out of your reach as you are forced to buy one from your local flatpack store instead. Your baby will be using your nursery furniture set for the first few years – so you want to make the very best choice – not a compromise.

You have time for finishing touches

Once your nursery set is in the room you can start to think about the other accessories that might be required. This could include the wall colours, the bedding, the cushions and wall hangings. Making these purchases after the furniture allows you to really make sure it all works together.

So don't leave your furniture purchases too late when it comes to your baby. After the birth you will be so happy you got exactly what you want and that it was delivered in plenty of time.