Get in the festive spirit: Ideas and Inspiration for Christmas living room decorations

Let the Christmas spirit into your home and bring some fantastic festive cheer! Whether you love to embrace the sparkly, flamboyant joy of it all, or prefer to keep things chic and subtle, read on for some great ideas on decorating your living room this Christmas.


  1. Add some Christmas cosiness


Christmas brings friends and family into our homes, with parties, dinners and the chance to catch up with those we haven’t seen in far too long. So make your home extra inviting this season, with soft, sumptuous touches that look and feel great.


Layered throws and cushions across chairs and sofas bring a wonderful cosy appeal to the living room – keep it festive by choosing fabrics with a hint of glimmer or sparkle, or even festive prints and patterns.


  1. Light it up


The magic of Christmas lights never fails to brighten up your spirit – and there are lots of ways you can bring this in to your home.


A chic and effortless way to add a little hint of glow to your living room is by using subtle LED string or wire lights – these are small and unobtrusive, and bright a delicate hint of light. Style them up by layering them under a sheer gossamer table runner or other fabric – this can be a great way of decorating your mantle piece.


Candlelight is another truly festive touch and can be used in all sorts of ways. Try small tea lights carefully placed around the room, or a few larger pillar candles to bring a soft glow.


  1. Boughs of holly (and other greenery)


Holly and ivy are popular Christmas symbols, and immediately conjure up the festive feel. Why not add fresh sprigs of greenery to mantle pieces, tables or walls for a fresh touch of décor?


A great way to incorporate fresh foliage into your living room is by choosing one or two few key pieces – a single impressive wall or hanging wreath can make an immediate impact to transform your room.


  1. Play it simple


If you prefer a more minimalist feel, you can still bring in a delicate festive touch to your home! Go for subtle touches that make an impact without overwhelming your space.


Try limiting yourself to a few colours – if your existing living room is more neutral-based, stick to accessories that complement this colour scheme. Soft LED lights, subtle touches of metallics and glitter can add festive cheer, without appearing ostentatious.


  1. Have a white Christmas


Christmas doesn’t have to be all about red and green! For a fresh and modern approach, try an all-white Christmas. This can immediately conjure up the feel of a snowy, wintery haven – filled with glowing lights, soft and tactile textures and a hint of silver, a white Christmas living room is a truly gorgeous approach. Bring a little piece of nature in by painting small branches or pine cones silver or white, clustered together in large vases for a winter woodland feel.



What are your favourite ways of decorating for Christmas?