Bilbao Modern High Gloss White Furniture Set is now available.

 We are proud to present new furniture set finished with high gloss white. The Set has got three lines bedroom, living room and dining room. This is very modern and fashionable furniture set which sells great across the Europe.  

Furniture from this set are made from high gloss white MDF. Display glasses are mounted in aluminium frames with optional led lightning.  It is great quality EU made furniture.

The set is perfect match of modern furniture design and functionality. We have decided to use scratches and temperature resistant materials to protect the furniture for long ages. Thanks to that your Bilbao set will look brand new for long years.

Following products are part of Bilbao set: beds, wardrobes, cabinets, sideboard also TV stands and shelving units.

 If you look for modern high gloss white furniture then you should seriously consider Bilbao set. You get great quality at affordable price.

If you like high gloss white matched with solid oak please check our web page for updates as we soon introduce Bilbao White & Oak Set!