Floor beds have increasing popularity among parents. Most of them still hesitate to choose floor bed for their kids. However, when they learn about the Montessori nursery method, they change their mind. These beds became famous because of the Montessori approach. The practice was presented by Dr Maria Montessori, who is a physician and educator. Her method suggests putting your toddlers on a floor bed to sleep, instead of regular beds. It helps them to be freer and explore their surrounding on their own. You can create a floor bed by just placing a mattress on the floor. It is true that the method requires the babyproofing of entire room and some extra things to do. However, the advantages of floor bed will make you consider and even go for it.

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1. You will save money

It is highly cost-effective in comparison with other alternatives. All you need to do is to buy a mattress and place it on the floor. Some parents might think that it is visually too simple. There are many floor beds with a unique and creative design. You can buy a budget-friendly Montessori house bed frame or tent for the mattress that will add a pleasant look to the room.


2. Your nursery becomes more focused on a child

There are many delightfully designed nurseries. However, most of them concentrated on aesthetics or parents' convenience. Undoubtedly, that is your choice if you are happy with that. Some parents prefer to make the room more baby-focused. Setting a floor bed will make you show the same approach with other details as well. You can make the place more interesting and beneficial for your little one. By arranging everything in the room at the level of your child, you will give them an opportunity to explore the environment independently.

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3. You will have more time to sleep

If your baby cries just for letting you them out of the crib, floor bed will solve the issue. Since the room is babyproofed and they can easily move around the room, you will not need to worry or break your sleep just to take your child from a crib. It is a great advantage for the parents who get less sleeping time due to their work. You can continue to rest till the feed time, while your toddler will be playing with toys in own room.


4. Your child will have a favourite place

These kids floor beds deliver a serene ambience that they do not want to leave. Their bed will be a place where they do not only sleep but prefer to relax as well. A lot of parents observed their child sitting on the bed and play with toys or reading books. It is great when they start to love their bed. It means you will not struggle with your little one when it is sleeping time.

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5. You will not need a big-kid bed

Some toddlers have troubles when they switch to big toddler beds. Therefore, it is an excellent alternative to consider. Usually, children get adapted to the floor beds faster. In the end, they do not require a big amount of money, and you can switch to a big-kid bed If it will be necessary.


Overall, floor beds are highly beneficial for many factors. Especially, uniquely designed ones add a stylish look to the nursery. Although we highly recommend them, that does not mean it will necessarily work with your child. You will have to decide what will work for your family best.