Kinder Zimmer

We are very pleased to present you a collection inspired by a passion for aviation and the most innovative planewhich is the Dreamliner. If you love clean lines, accessory-free spaceand neutrals with primary colors, then the Aviator Collection is the right choice for you and your toddler.

This set of functional, visually appealing shapes kids furniture is the essence of modern interior design includes straight lines with smooth and shiny surfaces. Furniture set is in a high gloss white finish, complemented by metallic details and illuminated by LED panels. Fancy LED mood lighting is another "flight revolution" characteristic for the Dreamliner.

Our objective is to create an uncluttered look with lighter visual appearance, free from chaotic lines and color schemes that will not overwhelm and distract your child, providing a great space to learn and develop. The collection stands out with a clever solutions related to the design of lockers and storage, which allow maximum use of space. Under the desk top is placed practical swivel shelf with compartments for small items. (There is a practical swivel shelf with compartments for small items placed under the desk top.) With this solution your kids desk will be always clean and tidy and the school supplies available in an easy way. Directly on the top of the desk you can find a USB charger which solves the problem of too short cable from the charger and allows your kid to have necessary device always at hand.

Modern design is a fabulous choice for a baby bedroom because it increases space and creates the illusion of a larger room.  Young members of the family will appreciate this style since the space is easily kept clean without knick knacks or ornate decorative furniture to dust.

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