Parents usually have two ways when they start to create a place for their baby. One of them is to organize temporary solutions that are mainly for sleeping and small storage. The other way option is to invest in nursery furniture that will be beneficial both for their baby and them. The demands of babies rise as they get older. Therefore, they mostly opt for investing in furniture with high functionality. By functionality, we mean several points like convenience, capability, and etc. The capability is an essential function to consider. Because your little one grows with everything around. There will be more clothes, more toys, and more other belongings every next day. As a result, you need a furniture item able to accommodate all these things. We believe the best solution at this point will be a triple wardrobe.

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A triple wardrobe is a closet model mainly for clothing elements with three doors. Such models of wardrobe can be included in the nursery furniture set or obtained separately. In any case, it is a worth-to-consider option due to lots of advantages. Surely, the most important plus about them is the capacity. You can store almost all the belongings of your child starting from the infant years to older, kid period. Such wardrobes with three doors give you several clothing rods, where you can place all the hanging clothes to save them orderly and well kept. Various shelves in different sizes will help you to store your kid's other things from toys to study materials. Sufficient amount of shelves lets you to easily classify belongings and create a convenient arrangement. Three door wardrobes will be highly beneficial, especially for a shared room. Siblings or twins will have individual spaces for their personal items. Large storing capacity will let them all have their private clothing rods and cabinets. It is a better option instead of buying separate furniture items that will occupy a wide space in the room.

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There are some drawbacks about these furniture models as well. Their large dimensions are not convenient for all places. You will not be able to place a triple wardrobe in the small-sized nursery room. Such situations might make you look for alternative solutions. Two-door wardrobes can be a nice option to solve the problem. These wardrobes are smaller in dimensions and capacity, however, it does not limit their functionality to a large degree. The models inspired by Scandinavian style are remarkable with their features. By occupying less space they deliver the best storage solutions.

Source: Nubie

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