Hallways – they come in different shapes and sizes and are, more often than not, the very first thing you notice when you enter the home. As first impressions count, if your hallway looks messy and cluttered, people will imagine that the rest of your home is the same too. Choosing the right hallway furniture is very dependent on the space you have so there are no hard and fast décor rules that can be followed.

As one of the busiest rooms in the home, the hallway takes a lot of hard use – from wet coats to muddy shoes, to soaking umbrellas – everything passes through this vital household point. Keeping it looking clutter free can be a task, but by using your practical and creative side, you can create a haven of harmony that means you relax from the very first moment you enter your home.

Think a coat stand is ‘an old hat’? Perfect for those who embrace the antiquated look, a coat stand takes up minimal space as it is all about the height yet creates space for coats, umbrellas and yes, hats, whether new or indeed old! The ideal statement in easy living, place by the door so no wet gets taken through the house after a downpour – result!

Want to take the weight off as you take off your outer gear? A hallway bench can save fighting for a seat on the stairs and better still, the empty space underneath can be cleverly used to create more storage courtesy of baskets and stylised boxes.

Combine pictorial or photographic taste with storage with a frame that has hooks underneath for items such as keys. Quaint and quirky in equal measure, this is the perfect compromise between ornamental exuberance and clever functionality.

Got a shoe shop of footwear but nowhere to put a shoe cabinet? Choose a slender shoe rack and put your pride and joy on display. Making storage less of a secret and more of something to embrace can open up a whole lot of new opportunities. If you choose a longer rack, it won’t take up essential walking space in the hallway, but we suggest that in order to make this look work, keep muddy wellies and the kid’s football boots elsewhere!

Have under the stairs space that is going spare? Consider having a unit custom made or adapt and make your own. Simple wooden divides work when differing baskets and storage units are used, creating an eclectic and very stylish look that more importantly gives you loads of new storage solutions.

And if your hallway can take it, wall cupboards with upper shelving are ideal for defining your hallway look. Whilst the cupboards can be used for anything you choose, place an eye-grabbing array of ornaments and objects on to the shelving so that the eye is drawn to that and not the storage below.

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