Most people face space problem in their accommodations during designing and furnishing of the interior. It makes essential to maximize available shelving and properly use the space. At this moment, the best thing you can do is to take advantage of the walls and organise shelving system. Regardless of the room, you are decoring from the living room to kid's room wall shelving units are able to solve your problems. Wall shelves are great to keep the area organised and set the things in their appropriate place. They are capable to store a large number of goods without damaging the overall interior look of the place. Moreover, by choosing the right wall shelf you can have an accessory and storage at the same time. Wall-mounted shelves are available in various materials like wood, metal, or plastic. They all have their own features that make them beneficial and important. The most classic type of shelving is wooden made ones. The wooden shelves made with high-quality are durable, solid-looking, and stylish. All these specifications make them a perfect item for all the places. Metal shelving units appear as the most durable and versatile models. Depending on the interior design they can be designed in several rooms of a house. Metal shelves are useful to store heavy products. A plastic shelf is not a popular option for homes. However, they are also durable and perfect for light materials. It is easy to clean them and they are rust free.

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Now, let's go room by room and define how can these shelves be implemented in different spaces. A living room is the most floating shelf used place. It is the place where you and your guests spend of their time. As a result, the living room turns into an excellent place to display different items that you would like to show. Depending on the style of the living room you can use here both wooden and metal shelves. There are also models that come glass made shelving area. These type of shelves are highly attractive and gives a glossy look the place. Wall shelves for living room serve to store books, awards, accessories, and all other items that you would like to see in your space. Floating shelves in a dining room are mostly used for decorations. However, it is possible to use it as storage and decorative elements at the same time. By placing some wine glasses with candles and souvenirs you can add a pleasant look to the area. Wooden wall shelves are the most popular option for a dining room. Your bedroom might also need a shelving on the walls. You can use here both wooden and metal shelves depending on the design. The family photos and accessories to emphasize the room style will perfectly look at floating shelves for bedroom. Hallways prefer to have a wooden wall shelf mostly. They are useful to put some accessories and other required items. Kid's room and nursery is also a place where wall shelves are used the most. Nursery shelves are mostly wooden made. They are made in different sizes, shapes, and themes. It helps to give a lovely look to their room.

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