Moving from a crib to bed might sound like an exciting moment. However, your toddler might have different feelings about it. A new bed brings novels to other parts of a toddler's life. We collected useful recommendations from experts to make the transition easier.

First of all, age is not the defining factor. If your toddler is 2 or 3 already, it does not necessarily mean you should switch to a big kid bed from crib. They might feel still comfortable in a crib. As a result, it is better to make them feel pleasant. Also, the process should not be a result of a reaction. It means, it is not obligatory to move from crib to bed immediately, when your child learned to climb out of the crib. So, when is the right moment to start for the preparations? You will have to start the process by talking to your child. Explain to them exactly what is your plan. Whether you are planning to convert the cot bed, or purchase a standard kid's bed, or organise a floor bed, talk to your child to make them ready for the transitions. It is essential to make them aware since the sudden change of sleeping place where they spent last years can be traumatic. Another crucial factor to consider before the transitions is to create a safe environment. Toddler beds uk will give your child more freedom to move. As a result, ensure that the room is toddler-proofed with the secured to the walls furniture items, hidden cables, and closed sockets. However, keep in mind that you should not take the full control. Let your toddler be a little bit free in the room to feel independent and self-confident. Experts also strongly recommend teaching a bedtime routine. Routine is necessary to get proper sleep for healthy development. It might be hard to for your toddler to get used to new rules, however, in time it will be easier. It is an excellent option to set a physical barrier like a baby gate next to the door. This option is better than locking a door and also gives clear lines of boundary. Set a special toddler clock in the room, to let them know when it is OK for them to leave the bed.

Some parents can keep the control of the bedtime but wonder how to manage the nap time as some children might have problems with sleeping after the transition to a bigger kid bed. The reality you can not force your child to nap at bigger age. However, it is essential to be sure that your little one gets enough rest. You can require from them to nap sometime during the day. Explain to them the importance of rest that it will help them to be ready for activities like going to park or ride a bike. You can use a clock in the room to teach that the rest time has limits. Some children might not sleep, in such cases, you can set for them some quiet activities to do on their bed. Do not let them play with toys making a loud noise or watch TV during the resting time.

Overall, your toddler will get used to the new conditions and rules in time. All you need to do is to set up and emphasise the importance of your expectations. You can obtain kids beds online at MrHousey.