How to Make a Little Space Go a Long Way Setting up a nursery for a little one can be a difficult enough prospect in itself. But how is one supposed to cope if aside from the regular concerns of decorating and making sure baby has everything it will need, one also has to contend with a lack of space while still being able to buy practical and stylish nursery furniture? This is a growing concern given the constant rises of population and as we all get crammed in closer and closer together it’s a battle that is going to have to be fought more and more often.

So let’s compare and contrast three different cots to see what sort of benefits they can bring a person looking to make the most out of a small space. Say you live in a small flat, you have room to dedicate to being a nursery but unfortunately, it isn’t very big, what are your choices?

3 in 1 Cot Bed

The first cot bed up for comparison is the Kinder Valley Kai Compact Cot, in white. Now this seems like a solid option as it is good value for money, being the cheapest of the three, and looks like it will easily sit in with any other decor choices you have made. Bearing in mind the cot dimensions it seems as if it could easily sit in a small space and provide a useful and comfortable place for your baby to sleep.

The next baby cot bed up for contention is the Mamas and Papas Petit Cot in White. This too provides a stylish and safe sleeping environment, making sure the little bundle is completely comfortable while also easily allowing you to design around it in regards to the decor you choose.

It’s our final cot however that provides the ultimate solution to making the most of your available space. The final cot is the Quality 3in1 Cot Bed from MrHousey. Now the first thing to note is yes, it is noticeably more expensive than the other two. Now this isn’t just down to it being of superior quality, but more down to it actually being three handy units all in one. The key to making the most out of a small amount of space is making clever economies wherever possible and combining elements of furniture wherever you can. So instead of having three different items of furniture, you buy one item that actually combines all three in a neat package. The 3 in 1 Cot Bed is not only beautifully made and as stylish as the day is long, it is also the perfect choice for anyone looking to economise space. This is because it isn’t just a cot, but it also combines a changing table as well as a chest of drawers.

IF you have more space and want to furnish your baby bedroom with traditional nursery furniture set consider one of our great ranges. Furthermore please be advised that buying nursery furniture online gives you great choice, free returns and massive saving comparing to the high street.