How to plan the layout of the child’s room

Nothing pleases the parents as much as the joy of a child - his or her smile and curiosity. Children are in fact like blank cards - everything is new to them, unusual, and exciting.

Children tend to be wildly creative - by nature. But it is well worth to support their creative work, knowledge expansion and proper development. Remember that toddlers derive most out of your immediate surroundings - this is why it is so important that a child's room is not only beautiful, colorful and full of imaginative solutions, but also well-organized and functional. We must ensure that the space will be useful in supporting those goals, and give the child a sense of harmony and security.

Why designate specific zones?

Functional children's room is a real treasure! Thanks to the order the toddler feels confident and comfortable - it’s easier for him to keep order and organize their time. It is not a secret that children like and appreciate the clear interiors. Clearly designated zones won’t let the children to feel lost and will enable them to focus on one activity at a given time (remember that multitasking is the real threat of modern times). It is therefore important to set a clearly separated zone of fun and subtly isolate it from the zone of study or relax. Such an arrangement of space will make it harder for the child to get distracted - it will be easier for them to do their homework or get to sleep.

How can I make such a "partition"?

A variety of accessories and furniture will come in handy in isolating specific zones.

-       The bed can be separated from the rest of the interior by an see-through bookcase,

-       play area can be “set" simply with a rug and boxes with toys,

-       the space reserved for study can be arranged by a comfortable desk in the company of a cork board and various organizers.

When planning space in the child's room do not forget about the proper distribution zones. Kids Desk is best situated by the window, and the bed in the corner of the room, preferably at the wall opposite to the window and the radiator.

Why choose ergonomically designed furniture?

In a functional, well-organized child's room, spacious and modern furniture is a must. Toddlers tend to have lots of clothes, which usually occupy a variety of cabinets, cupboards and drawers. Remember that a set of furniture should not only be beautiful but also practical and roomy. Taller models that “climb high” up towards the ceiling are a great fit for smaller rooms. Modular furniture that can adapt to the size and shape of the interior are a great solution as well. There are various ranges of modules of different colors and fronts, so the room arrangement can be not only ergonomic, but also unusual. It is also very important to place the pieces of furniture of similar function next to each other, as this will help avoid unnecessary chaos.

Nursery - place for clever solutions!

When choosing baby furniture for your toddler, try to invest in "smart", convertible models. It will not only save you money, but also time and effort spent in the not-so-distant future. An example might be a designer bed with drawer for bedding, a comfortable sofa bed, open footstools where you can hide a variety of toys and accessories, and furniture with adjustable height, which will "grow" together with your child.

When arranging children's kingdom, be sure not to forget to provide various sources of light. In addition to the top light, pay attention to the wall lamp, which will accompany your child in creative activities, or in study. As a result, each zone of the room will be adequately lit.

Multipurpose furniture?

There’s some good news for parents who arrange a small child's room and do not have too much space at their disposal, - sometimes one “inconspicuous” piece of furniture can serve several important functions. Designers keep coming up with lots of ideas for creating a modern and solid constructions that respect the laws of ergonomics. For example a bunk bed, which can be a desk, a wardrobe and a shelf at the same time.

Why organizers are so important in the child's room ?

Room accessories play an important role in maintaining order. They support the toddler in learning how to properly keep order in his/her room. Therefore it’s a necessity to provide a variety of organizers, boxes, baskets and boxes on wheels. They should prompt your child to keep their toys sorted. A container for stuffed animals, another for building blocks, and yet another for their favorite books. In case of smaller spaces, it is best to invest in some hanging organizers. These gadgets take up very little space and at the same time often serve as charming decorations.


Why should you arrange the interior that supports the interests of your child?

Always keep an eye on the interests of your little one. If your child loves to read, arrange a mini-corner with books. If they are closer to Picasso, put an easel available in a convenient place. These little touches will help your children develop their talents.

So remember - you should be flexible when furnishing the interior, some zones will require a little more attention. The goal is to create a functional, cosy, beautiful and - above all - tailored to their needs, interior.

Devising a functional room for a toddler, often turns out to be a huge challenge for parents. However, it is always worth taking it!

Implementing the above tips as well as learning your children’s needs you’ll manage to create a beautiful, practical and unique space for them.