Have you ever wondered how your favorite celebrities get to have such a stunning home décor? What does your living space lack to reach the stardom status? Luckily, it is not a matter of superior sense of taste on part of the stars, it is more likely thanks to the efforts of a Professional designers. For example, Oprah Winfrey’s Rose Tarlow, a reputable California based interior designer, who is responsible for doing what she does best which is meeting the owner’s request with a combination of her own rich creativity and renowned expertise. Truthfully speaking, most of us lack the deep pockets Oprah and the rest of her peers may possess to hire a professional help to (re)decorate our homes, but rest assured we will provide you some insight from several recognized interior designers on how to duplicate; or rather create your own celebrity-like living room.


First and foremost, what do celebrities look for the most in their living room? Well, by the words of Rose Tarlaw Oprah is very elegant and sophisticated, but she's also warm and playful. She likes to put her feet up.” If it is not obvious by now, then the answer is comfort. We must all agree that coziness is an obligation every living room must provide. Whether you looking forward to lounge after a long-winded day at work or want to impress your guests and friends with your outstandingly Hollywood influenced décor. Furthermore, what’s a living room without a relaxing sofa? A calamity. Sofas are by far the heart and soul of your living room, so choose it wisely. In addition, A comfortable and accommodating sofa is a given in any living room. You might wonder now, what pointers you need to have when it comes to the right sofa. Well, we compiled a selected personal ideas of established designers which will definitely help you achieve the desired look you seek. "Tony Duquette had a rule: Always put a big sofa in the farthest part of the room; it beckons you toward it with open arms." — Peter Dunham "I like curved sofas in square rooms." — Vicente Wolf


Another important feature on how to transform your drab living room, subjectively speaking, to a stylish version akin to that seen in the chic homes of the celebrity folk; is space utilization. There a few methods you might consider along the way when you contemplating how to create a living room fitting the image you request. Furthermore, we would like to split the space aspect into small and big living rooms; Yes, as simple as that.


In the first instance, a small living room sounds always as a hindrance, just for the mere fact of the “size”. Although, a small living room, against all odds, has a gigantic potential to provide you with required results. For a starter, you may want to consider a sofa with storage space which will save you the burden of cluttering. Also, you may substitute the standard coffee table with round tables or to be more specific ‘drum tables’ which will bring a chic look while saving up space for traffic movement and sitting space. Also, floating your furniture will add a visual effect that will make the room look “larger than reality” just like a breathtaking Hollywood story.


Now let us consider the embellishing of your large living room to model the ones owned by the top stars. A fireplace has been always a stable feature of elegance whether it’s intended for warmth or as a decorative choice. Also, there is a number of materials which fireplace is built; such as Brick, Tile or Limestone that you can choose from according to your taste. Additionally, since you have ample space in the living room then we advise you take advantage of that and assign areas for different purposes, such as a gaming spot, writing desk, a bar even a bowling alley, with a positive and vigorous attitude you can create your sought after dreamy living room.


A large number of people focus on furniture or paint of the living room while overlooking an element that is considered an essential part of any living space which is lighting. When it comes down to it, proper lighting provides your living room with utility and appearance. "Lighting is important because of the intimacy it creates," says interior and lighting designer Linda Allen of Linda Allen Designs Moreover, how can I use lightning to improve the look of my living room, you may ask? Well, you can garnish your living room furniture with different types of lighting such as accent light, pot lights or table lamps; you can create a mixture that’s fit in accordance to your own comfort and the ambiance you wish to have in the room. What about a classic Chandelier? This lighting fixture speaks sophistication and fashionable, you will never go wrong with such an addition. To sum, It has been our at most pleasure to walk you through your journey to find the proper way to dazzle your living room space to get that vibrant and luxurious look you desire. We selected comfort, space and lighting as our factors you may wish to consider and we guarantee that our input will grant you an appearance on par with stars.