Ever heard of the term Feng Shui? I assume we have all encountered such a vague term. Well, Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophical system which emphasize on the spiritual connection between the space and its surroundings. Furthermore, since our expertise is focused on interior design and furniture, then by all means such notion may is in the essence of what we do. Nonetheless, our main concern with regard to Feng Shui is one of the tools it employees to define certain colours with certain attributes. In this instance, we would like to pay attention to the colour of sophistication, grey.

Grey, holds a dignifying position amongst the other colours which is why we love to reintroduce and repackage it to you in a light unparalleled to the common view. Wondering what the status grey holds in Feng Shui? By all means, it is the main colour of the metal element of Feng Shui, a bit expected, which promotes acuteness and efficiency. Such qualities are the main reason why the colour grey is always present in office interior design, but why not bring these traits home? We can offer our assistance in this journey.

We will inform you on why you should include the colour gray in different rooms of your home, whether it is the living room, dining room or your kid’s bedroom…well your entire home. Indeed, the living room is where most of the collective activity happens, so to balance such energy you could enhance the living room’s Feng Shui, spatial harmony, with a grey sofa like Grey Straton Modern four setter sofa for a touch of calmness and neutrality. You could go all-out, if you have what it takes, and expand on the use of the colour to the entire living room. Truly, an all-inclusive grey living room is not meant for the fainthearted. Although, such a bold step will be rewarded with a majestic vibe that you never witnessed beforehand. A modern living room, in our humble opinion, is starkly lacking if a colour as grey is missing. Moreover, if you are not the philosopher type, you may want to consider the everyday aspect of having grey furniture either with regard to mischievous pet or hyperactive young ones. Absolutely, grey will serve you as a medium of tranquility in such cases. Alternatively, have you been asked before by one of your friends if a grey baby furniture would be a good choice? Recently, such a question is on the rise since the popularity of grey kids’ furniture even grey coloured nurseries are trending. As a matter of fact, grey matches with the countless number of colours which gives you an abundance of options to design your kid’s room with. Regardless, if your young ones are toddlers or teens you will not go wrong with a grey cot bed nor a grey bunk bed.

To sum, we can guarantee with absolute resolve, backed by some ancient philosophy, that the colour grey is a one of a kind when it comes to its inclusive traits. You can include making as a part of any room in at home and it will fit like the perfect glove. It offers a subtle sense of peacefulness mixed with encompassing unity which we will miss if we fail to take advantage of our living space.