In the first instance when we shop for furniture we tend to focus on the design, colour or price. Although, there is a question many homeowners have the habit of neglecting. What about considering our physical health when purchasing and placing our furniture? The answer lies in the science that deals with the design and arrangement of the living space and people. Physical well-being must be factored once when we think about purchasing our future furniture and the optimal approach to arrange it.

Furthermore, when we speak of Ergonomics it is mostly linked with office environment which is not the case according to the previous definition. How do we apply Ergonomics in our homes to maximize on comfort, looks and health? You need to consider the space itself; if the living space is accessible, safe and comfortable. Consider the small details that you might find irrelevant such as the lighting placement and intensity, temperature degree and even the elevation of your sofa or chair.

Let us look at some ways to Ergonomics into different rooms in our homes:

In the living room

  • You may want to consider the activity and function of the living room. Is it the gathering place for the family for entertainment, then you may want to provide plenty of space for traffic.
  • If you are a gamer or TV devotee then you need to acquire a sofa or chairs that will provide you with adequate back support and suitable alignment between your sight line and the TV’s height to alleviate strain on the back and slight simultaneously.
  • Natural lighting must be paid heed; its distribution will prove essential in the living room since it relives from depression and increases calmness.
  • Pay attention to feet support to minimize stress on pressure points, so picking the right sofa or chair is a must.
  • Although it is very common to have means of entertainments, you may need to reduce them in the living room since they could be distracting.

In the kitchen and dining room

  • Most of the action in the kitchen happens in three particular spots named (kitchen triangle) which are the oven, sink and fridge. What you must do is to create an efficient distance between the three spots to have a dynamic flow.
  • Keep storage in mind as well, by keeping heavy items no further then hip and shoulders distance to minimize over-stretching while the lighter items in a lower height.
  • When it comes to the dining table, think about its length and the distance between it and the surrounding walls, 36 inches is the perfect space you want to leave.
  • Also consider the distance between the top of the table and the chairs 10- to 12 inches is the standard space desired.

In the home office

  • Place the desk near window so that you can enjoy extra productivity and relaxation provided by natural light. During the dark hours use table lamps, since overhead lighting could be overpowering.
  • Place your computer screen in your eye level or below to decrease the strain on your eyes. Also, position your keyboard in a manner that will make your forearms parallel to the floor. Lastly, fix the chair in a way that your feet will rest comfortably on a particular surface.
  • A few pointer you need to be heed to when it comes to your office chair such as cozy cushion, arm rests, flexible back rest and an adjustable seat height.
  • Make sure the office desk, chair and storage with a reachable distance.


To conclude, as we put so much effort in creating a beautiful interior in our homes we need to consider functionality and health as well. Since those should be the aims to look at then Ergonomics is where we can find the answer. Ergonomics as defined previously deals with the relationship between space and its surroundings. We gave a few points which will defiantly create the practical and cozy environment you need in your all different rooms in your home whether it is the living room, dining room or home office. We advise you to try out our pointers and you will realize the home you wish and deserve in terms of beauty and functionality.