Whilst it may sound simple, lighting in your home is something that so many people manage to get wrong. This could mean that they have too much light, too little light or light that isn’t in the right places.

To help you to become a lighting pro, we have put together the 7 typical mistakes that are made with interior lighting and ask you to check whether or not you are guilty of them.

You don’t think about shadows

When it comes to placing light in your home, one thing that plenty of us forget about is the shadows that this light is going to cause. Whilst this may not seem like too much of an issue in some spaces, if you have a shadow created by a light above a bathroom mirror, then this is going to cause you a bit of annoyance. Instead it is a good idea to  balance lights out, making sure that they then shine equally down or on a space.

Don’t focus on the overhead too much

One common mistake that people make when it comes to installing light is to simply focus on one type of light, often an overhead one. Whilst this is important to keep the room illuminated, these are not the lights that add character or warmth. Not only this but too much overhead light can leave you feeling blinded.

You don’t install dimmer switches

Dimmer switches are more than just a fancy piece of technology to have in your home. They can also prove vital for creating the ideal lighting. Not installing them is never a good idea. Without them you can’t control your lighting, with them you can choose your lighting depending on the time of day, the way you feel or whether you have visitors.

Your lamps are not in useful places or useful heights

When you position a lamp in a room then you should aim for it to be at the most useful height for what you want to use it for. The same goes for lights. For example if you are hanging a chandelier in your dining room then it should be 66 inches from the floor and if you are sitting next to a table lamp then it should be at shoulder height. A lamp that is too tall will mean that you get a little bit blinded.

Think about the bulbs

One of the most important things to think about when it comes to lighting is the bulbs. You need to get your bulbs right and then the lighting will be right. CFL and LED bulbs can cost you more as an initial cost, but in the long term they can save you a fair amount of cash.

You don’t pick the right size light

Another mistake that plenty of people make is having a light that is too big or too small for the space. You need to avoid having large lamps next to a smaller sofa as this can make the space seem smaller. Equally, it doesn’t work to have a large dining room table with a tiny lamp over the top as this can make the space look out of balance.

You don’t think about the colour of the room

You may not realise it but the colour of the room can have a huge impact on lighting. If you have dark walls, then no amount of lighting is going to make it feel bright. This doesn’t mean that you have to completely change the colour scheme, instead, you may find that painting it a slightly lighter shade of the same colour could have enough of an impact.

Trying to avoid these mistakes will not only make sure that you create the best atmosphere in your room, but that the light is just right too.