It does not matter if you are planning to have a new member in the family or if the baby is already on the way, sooner or later you will encounter with the task of choosing a sleeping place for your baby. You might have many questions like "What to choose: a cot or cot bed?", "To buy a cheap one or an expensive one?". We cannot make a choice instead of you. However, we can give you some tips to help with your decision. So, here are some reasons why you should consider buying a cheap cot.


Unfortunately, that happens. You cannot always set a high budget for a cot when many additional spending is on the way waiting for you. You chose the right moment to consider budget-friendly options to save money. Since, the little ones grow very fast, in 2-3 years there will be a need for a toddler's bed. If the budget is tight and you cannot afford the convertible cheap cot bed for a baby, it will be better if to go for a cheap cot and later replace it with a junior bed.

More passengers are on the way.

You might learn a surprise of becoming a twin's or triple's parents. It means you will require more places for your little ones. The size of the room might not give this advantage. Definitely, in this case, it is better to choose a cheap cot with mattress. Their size is beneficial. During the first six months, when you will need to keep your babies next to you, the cots will not occupy the large area.

Often relocations.

You might be liking to move very often or just living in rented accommodation. Despite being dedicated to children, nursery sets are not easy to relocate as it seems. It is an additional cost and time. Therefore, buying a cheap cot or cheap cot bed with storage will not make you very disappointed in case of damages during the movements.

Early arrivals

You might be starting to plan your baby's room too late, or your baby might come earlier than expected. This is the moment when a cheap cot will save you. Buy a cheap cot to have a sleeping place for your baby. Meanwhile, you will have enough time to design the nursery room as you were planning from the beginning.

Straightly to a junior bed

It is a fact that, cots and some cot beds does not last for a long time. After some years most babies are ready to move to a proper junior bed that will be sufficient till the teenage period. As a result, saving money on the cot and investing it in kid's furniture set is a better idea.

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