The healthy development of the children is in our hands. From the early moments of their life, they are under affection of their environment. When we provide the right conditions for them, it turns into a positive impact in their improvement process. The majority of their time children spend in their rooms. Thus, your mission starts from the nursery room. Their room needs to be not only the place to sleep and rest but also should be a play zone. There are many nursery sets proposed for planning a creative nursery. Lately, the Montessori method is very popular in designing of playful kids' room. The principles of the method emphasize the child's independence within certain limits. Children need to be able to easily use the equipment in the room without help from adults. For example, Montessori baby bedroom can include a chest with drawers they can open, a small washstand, children's single bed where they can freely sleep. After carefully considering many approaches, here we present our recommendations for a 5 must own products to create a playful and creative nursery.

1. Floor bed

The main idea behind the floor bed is to give freedom of movement. It helps them to better learn about their surroundings. There are many original ways to avoid just a mattress on the floor. Children's teepee is one of them. Some kids might not feel safe in floor beds. Thanks to its enclosure, teepee beds give a sense of safety. Moreover, it provides a unique look in the room and a joyful atmosphere. House bed is another excellent alternative that is good to mention.

2. Baby clothes stand

Getting back to the Montessori practice, you need to remember that it is essential to give a possibility to choose their clothes and learn to get them free. Therefore, we need to highlight the importance of small-sized furniture for clothes. It will have a positive influence on the abilities to make personal choices in your child. Once you decide to go with a teepee bed, then choosing a wooden clothes stand will complete the ambience and beautiful design in the room.

3. Toy storage

Their high energy from the early ages makes them require a place to play. They will be surrounded by toys, and all of them will have a unique name and role in the imagination of your little one.  However, your kid's lovely friends should be out of the sight when clocks show the rest time. In the opposite case, the children might refuse to sleep, or it will be harder for them to fall asleep. Therefore, purchasing a toy box will help a lot. Firstly, the toys will not be lying on every side of the room. Then, once your kids took a nap and are again full of energy can they again get back to them anytime they wish. If you have a big place, then consider a play tent as well. It will boost their imagination. You can see it as a simple tent, while your children will see it as a fortress to be secure from dragons.

4. Bookcase

Their surrounding should encourage to learn. It is good to consider a small-sized bookshelf. A bookcase full of different books appropriate for their age that will be reachable for your kid will have a positive impact on your child and inspire discover, observe, and read in the future. 

5. Nursery lamp

It is a useful tool both for you and your little one. It will enable you to see where you go in the room and will not disrupt the snooze of your baby. At the same time, by giving the control of light, you are providing freedom in the room from the early years.

There is a rule that you should consider while obtaining the mentioned goods. Safety first! The furniture and other equipment should be made from the harmless materials. There should not exist any pointed things in the room. Pay attention to not have anything that has a tiny size or pieced details.

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