5 transforming looks for your dining room style inspiration

Whatever your style aesthetic, home is where the heart is.

And the heart of any home? The dining room, of course. Whether you’re gathering with friends, relaxing with family, or simply unwinding alone, give your dining room a revamp to make it into a calm and energising centre of your space.

From crisp, contemporary looks to opulent glamour and heartfelt easy-going comfort, we take a look at five stylish inspirational trends to inspire you.

Scandi simplicity

Longing for clean lines, no-fuss minimalism and that nonchalant air of effortless cool?

It’s easier than you might think to recreate that stylish air of laidback simplicity.

The key to the look is that age-old mantra – less is more. But if you really want to nail it, make sure that your ‘less’ is filled with character and style.

Choose clean, calming neutral shades and natural materials. The chunky lines of solid oak furnishing are a great foundation for your dining room – hold back on accessories, and instead opt for a bright flourish of colour with a potted plant, and spare but eye-catching artwork. A deep, comfy sheepskin rug adds a hint of extravagance.

Pop art casual

Perfect for a fun, youthful and creative home – give your dining room a burst of energy with a colourful and lively look.

You don’t need to hold back on colour – a mix of bright, zesty shades or soft pastels work brilliantly. But to keep the feel chic without going overboard, ground the look with a solid neutral – solid oak tables provide a great contrast against pop art shades of upholstery.

Finish off with a collection of eclectic accessories – thrift stores are the perfect hunting ground for oddball accessories with a cute and quirky touch.

Bold elegance

Prefer to keep things a little more refined?

Bold, strong lines, coupled with opulent and regal colours are an idea way of adding dramatic elegance to your home.

You don’t need to fill the room with darkness– these can often make a room feel uncomfortably cramped. Instead, blend gleaming metallics, rich, deep toned shades such as navy, plum or crimson, with fresh, contemporary pieces.

A high gloss glass dining table provides the perfect centrepiece. Work around it by adding comfortable but indulgent seating, and up the glamour factor with a stunning light fixture – try a contemporary take on a classic chandelier.

Cosy comfort

Sometimes, all we want in life is a warm, cosy space to sink into.

Somewhere we feel safe, happy and content. The dream place to escape the world, and truly relax.

Being stylish doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy comfort. Leave aside the toughness and indulge yourself in a cocoon of tactile fabrics and soothing colours. Soft, textured fabrics keep things low-key, inviting friends and family to pull up a seat, while a firm and robust dining table is the perfect place to serve up a nourishing and comforting meal.

Feel free to layer up on fixtures – a pleasant clash of prints and patterns adds to the lived-in cosy feel. Table runners in soft, woven fabrics, mismatched crockery and vintage-style accessories will complete the look.

Natural harmony

If you just want to strike a perfect balance with a clean, contemporary space that merges modern cool with laidback luxury, opt for a blend of classic materials for a polished but relaxed result.

Pair solid wood furnishing with a modern silhouette – eye catching chairs with a bold, structural shape will add interest to your space, while neutral shades keep the combination under the radar.

Add gleaming metallic accessories or clean ceramic vases, filled with fresh flowers, for a bright hint of colour.