When you think about popular interior design trends, then chances are that you instantly think about Scandinavian interior design. This ever-popular style embraces the light, clean and minimalistic design which is ideal for a modern home.

But how do you create this look? There are 5 key elements to getting Scandi interior design right and they are not always that hard to put in place.

Get the lighting right

One thing you will instantly notice about homes that boast a Scandi design is that they are well lit and bright. This means that one of the fundamental basics to get right is lighting. Your aim is to create a light and airy space, not one that is blinded by too much light.

Function is key

Scandi interior design is all about function as well as style. This means that any furniture that you pick out should be able to fit right in with everything that you need it for. They key is to always look for innovative design and always think about storage before everything else.

Keep things fresh

If you truly want to embrace Scandi interior design then it is always a good idea to keep things fresh. This means having plenty of fresh flowers and plants around the space. This is not only great for the air but also will bring some colour in too.

Neutral colours are the way forward

Speaking of colour, with walls and furnishings you need to think neutral. Greys, whites, creams even a touch of black are often seen in Scandi design and these work incredibly well in smaller spaces. It also means, when you do have plants and flowers in the space, that the colours of these are really going to work!

Be organised

One thing you will never see in Scandi design is a cluttered and messy space. Things should be clean and clear, and everything should have its place. This is where the storage heavy solutions when it comes to furniture really comes into its own.

Just by following these tips you can soon see your home transform into a Scandi themed haven. Somewhere that not only works for you and your family, but that is a place that you can be proud of too!