5 Ideas for a cosy living room

No matter how big or small it is, your living room is often the heart of the home – as a place to relax, unwind, entertain and even work. So naturally, you’ll want to keep this space as inviting and comfortable as you can!

Read on for five great suggestions on styling your living room to make it as cosy as possible.

1.Clean, light and bright

Perfect when you’re working with less space, a soft, neutral and Scandinavian inspired style brings both comfort and a feeling of openness.

Think about using a clean and muted colour palette – instead of blinding whites and sharp contrasts, softer, subtler hues of grey, pale pastels and dove tones immediately create a relaxed and quiet atmosphere. Pair with natural wooden touches – look for furnishing with clean, angular lines, and accent with a few touches of brightness to bring a touch of liveliness.

2.Layer it up for warmth

If your living room seems cold and unwelcoming, a great way to make it look and feel more inviting is by introducing a generous touch of layers.

Perfect for open plan or industrial spaces with exposed walls or floor length windows, a layered approach can bring some much-needed softness and cosiness into a room.

Start from the floor up – instead of opting for a single large rug as a centrepiece, play with two complementing rugs, layered on top of each other. Choose rugs that subtly contrast – in colour or pattern, while still working well together.

When it comes to your seating space, throws, cushions and extra fluffy blankets immediately evoke cosiness. Don’t hesitate to indulge!

3.Play with lighting

Lighting is a powerful way to transform the look and feel of any room. While bright, overhead lighting can seem glaring and harsh, softer lights make a room feel cosy and naturally warm.

Try a variety of different lighting options to create the right ambience for your room. Table lamps and standing lamps are great ways to create a softer light across part of a room, while candlelight is a sure fire way to create a wonderfully relaxing space. 

4.Introduce knits and textures

Knitted textures naturally feel cosy and warm, evoking thick, warm jumpers and scarves on cold days. Beyond the wardrobe, knitted textures can be found in a variety of forms – from oversized knit blankets and throws to add to your sofa or favourite armchair, to soft cushion covers, and even stools and pouffes.

5.Add a splash of colourful patterning

Brighter colours can bring both a touch of energy and comfort to a room when done well.

The key to keeping colours cosy is by paying close attention to textures and combinations of colours. Softer textures such as woven fabrics, stained or painted wood and natural materials are ideal canvases for a splash of colour, especially when added to a neutral, cooler space.

Try a bold, woven rug to liven up the centre of the room, or a sofa in a striking accent shade – along with soft and inviting cushions. 

How do you style your living room? Share your favourite design ideas!