The preparations for new arrivals start a long time ahead. The nursery room is being organized and designed carefully with all the elements. As babies spend most of their day in sleep, sleeping becomes an important point to consider. This fact makes a sleeping solution essential. All the nursery sets combining the necessary furniture items like a chest of drawers, wardrobe, bookcase include cot bed priorly. However, such furniture combinations are designed for big or average sized kid's rooms. Unfortunately, sometimes the room size limits your choices and actions during furnishing and decorating a nursery room. Designers came up with a wonderful solution for such situations. They created an item combining the most important things for a nursery in one piece. Such products are called combo cot beds or 3 in 1 cot beds.

Combo cot beds are a perfect combination of several items. The main part of it as it can be seen from the name is the cot bed delivering sleeping place. Depending on the model such cot beds are not a simple sleeping place. Even the bed part comes with additional functions like an adjustable mattress level. It allows you to set the mattress at three different positions. Moreover, some models can be transformed easily into a toddler bed. This process happens very simply by removing the side frames. You already guarantee it for use in the long run until your little one is ready to transfer to an adult bed.

The things making 3 in 1 cot beds is the extra point besides sleeping solution. Such cot beds come with a built-in chest of drawers. it is an essential furniture item allowing to place different belongings like clothes, toys, changing materials. Changing materials should be close at hand next to the changing table. As you can guess it is another feature of these cot beds. Many models have a fixed changing table. This is not the end. There is a possibility to equip some of them with extra storage capacity by fixing a bottom drawer under the bed. Open shelves are nice to place baby products or some accessories to make the bed look more attractive.

All these functions allow you and your baby to go through the main processes at one place by using one furniture item. It will help you to save a place in your nursery room and avoid stuffing with furniture. Such combo beds are an ideal option if you do not have a nursery room or if it is still not ready. Besides the functionality, such cot beds deliver an adorable look to the place. They are designed in various styles, mostly with modern vibes. You can be sure that you will find the one matching your interior best.

At MrHousey we collected a lovely range 3 in 1 cot beds with a stylish look. Our products are made of safe materials and conform to European and British standards of safety and durability. The affordable prices will help you to provide the necessary conditions in your nursery by staying in budget.