When it comes to getting ourselves ready to acquire a blissful night time, we mostly pay attention to the sleeping schedule, rituals or technique to achieve this often agonizing task. Although the aforementioned is of vital importance, there is a factor that we neglect even when it is the most obvious of all: the setting of the bedroom itself.

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Studies show that bedroom environment significantly influences sleep quality, and there are many of factors to the model calming bedroom furniture that we overlook on daily basis. To further improve the sleeping experience we will provide you with some tips on how to enhance your bedroom time.

Let there be light

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Far-fetched from the biblical meaning, lighting in the bedroom is enormously influential to obtain the desired sleep we all yarn for. First and far most, you must let go of the lone outdated overhead which goes against the nine essential Chi adjustments provided to us by Feng Shui, a Chinese spiritual system concerned with the relationship between the space we live in and the energy and orientation of the surrounding objects. Furthermore, there are three type so lighting to consider which are general lighting which are large enough to fill the room like torchieres, accent lighting which balances the intensity of the general lighting also you can place them around the headboard for a romantic effect, task lighting like table lamp is useful whether for reading a book or doing some extra work on bed.

Gadget-free environment 

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This may sound as one of the worst pitches you will ever hear since our smartphones and laptops have become an extension of ourselves. Why do we discourage you from enjoying the company of your electronic partner? Well, for the most part, numerous studies shown that the blue light emitted from our devices affects the circulation of Melatonin which is a hormone released by the brain to regulate our sleep and wake cycles. Thus, the lack of this substance will deprive you of the sleep you wish to have. Furthermore, becoming a social media enthusiast causes people to be stimulated and alert thus losing the tranquility required for us to fall asleep. For the fans of social media out there, turning off your device might be unspeakable, but once you get the hang of it then you will be blessed by a rewarding good night sleep

Bedding makes a difference

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This might seem as a given, but there are more to it than the average person will know. For instance, the material of which the sheets and pillow cases tailored play a pivotal role in our level of comfort and sleep. Pick Cotton whether it is Prima or Egyptian as your prime choice since it’s known for delivering top quality resulting in maximum comfort. Also, you should be aware of the common myth of thread count “the higher the thread count; the better the textile”. This is not the case according to experts anything that is over 400 is exaggerated, especially for your budget. Moreover, cleaning your sheets and case pillow on regular basis will add more soothing an effect to your sleep quality and help you get rid of the bacteria, dust mites and allegories that will render you sleepless. As for pillows, you may want to invest in silk pillow cases which have lots of benefits such as reducing chemical exposure and maintain the health of your face. To conclude, the bedroom is the sanctuary where we discard all our worries and tiresome lives away and where we yearn for peace of mind and relaxation. To achieve the maximum benefit of your bedroom we presented you with some of the hacks you would like to keep a keen eye on. We explored how lighting may influence your sleep and what type of lighting you need to reach the point your desire. Also, we viewed how the presence of electronic devices will hamper your sleeping process, so you must keep it free from such distractions. Finally, we keep an eye on bedding, what sort of materials and their quality. Follow these simple steps and you will get a worthwhile beauty sleep.