Bello Comfy 3 Seater Sofa

There is something distinctive about Bello Modern 3 Seat Sofa. There are colours that some of us like to have around…  And if you are ok with being different and you like the plenty between white and black, the Bello three seater sofa will find its way to your living room. With its cheeky look Bello 3 Seat Sofa will bring freshness to your modern interior and will grab attention of many. And she doesn’t mind being talked about. 

Bello 3 Seater Sofa is not only about the look but also about sitting comfort. The high density foam and bonell springs make it real.

You can choose one of our colour variations or you can create your own. The facet fabric is our recommendation but the last word is yours too. If you like Bello and you are looking to buy sofa online but need advise on the fabric selection or need customised dimensions please contact our friendly and professional customer support team.