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  1. 4 You Single Wardrobe in White / Grey by VOX
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  2. Marone 1-Door Wardrobe in White
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  3. Sven Narrow Wardrobe
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A bedroom is a place reserved for rest. Many people try to furnish this room with a minimal amount of furniture. But, as practice shows, the layout of most apartments does not allow you to scatter too much free space. More often than not you need to use literally every free centimeter of the area. Therefore, cabinets and chests of drawers are increasingly placed in the bedroom. How to choose a wardrobe for the bedroom, one that harmoniously fits the general composition, is roomy enough, and also convenient for the user?

The size of the bedroom and the number of things that are supposed to be stored in it depends on the number of doors. As a rule, for a children's bedroom try to choose a wardrobe with one or two doors. But for a large adult bedroom you can pick up interesting options with two or more doors.

Thanks to the modern technology, even single wardrobes can be equipped with a lot of side shelves - closed or open - mezzanine and drawers. When choosing a storage of such a system, one should pay attention to the swing structure. As a rule, it is very simple and consists of loops. It is necessary to look, that the loops are pressed tightly to the door itself, and there are no gaps anywhere between them. Quality loops can last for decades, and even if they creak, it can be corrected with conventional lubrication oil.

A very attractive and beautiful element of the modern wardrobe are the handles. Often designers try to select furniture within the same room in such a way that all the handles are the same. Therefore, if you buy furniture from different manufacturers and in different stores, be sure to specify whether it is possible to install the handles you like on one or another piece of furniture interchangeably.

You should be very careful however when choosing a cabinet with a sliding system. After all, the mechanisms used will determine its longevity. Wardrobes with high-quality roller mechanism can be very expensive. But such considerable expenses are worth it. Such a quality bedroom wardrobe will serve not only you, but also your children. The best models are the ones with aluminum profiles.

About the Color Solution of Wardrobes

Of course, there are some general recommendations for choosing the color of furniture and cabinets in particular. But this parameter is selected individually for each interior. Very much depends on the style and the combination of shades in it. So, many prefer white color. White can rightly be considered one of the most universal shades for interior items. After all, it is the basis for most styles: Venetian, Empire, Shebbi, Chic, Provence, Japanese, Minimalism, Rococo, Techno, Pop Art and others. And this means that you can safely choose a white set if you create an interior with one of them.

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