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  1. Camden Bedroom Chest Diamond Print Oak
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  2. Camden Bedroom Chest Herringbone Print Oak
    Special Price £789.00 Regular Price £1,449.00
  3. Camden Bedroom Chest Narrow Diamond Print Oak
    Special Price £625.00 Regular Price £1,250.00
  4. Camden Bedroom Chest Narrow Herringbone Print Oak
    Special Price £625.00 Regular Price £1,250.00
  5. Camini Chest Of Drawers
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  6. Flemming White Chest of Drawers in Scandi Style
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  7. Marone Chest Of Drawers 2.4
    Special Price £699.00 Regular Price £1,299.00
  8. Marone Chest Of Drawers With Changer
    Special Price £589.00 Regular Price £1,149.00
  9. Marone Low Cabinet
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  10. Pimlico Chest of Drawer
    Special Price £545.00 Regular Price £1,050.00
  11. Sven Chest Of Drawers With Oak Legs
    Special Price £159.00 Regular Price £299.00
  12. Sven Scandinavian Sideboard in White & Oak
    Special Price £199.00 Regular Price £499.00
  13. Tuscany Chest Of Drawers
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13 Items

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When decorating a bedroom, you need to find the right pieces of furniture, solving the issue of storing things used in the room. With these tasks, wooden chests of drawers, represented in the catalogs of shops, are full of an abundance of interesting models.

They are bedroom storages, in the design of which there are drawers, where things are stored. Additionally, there may be legs and a base. The structure of the chest is simple, but in several compartments – it is convenient to store different kinds of clothes. You can also arrange different items of the interior on top of the tabletop.

This bedroom furniture performs several purposes in the room:

Storage of things - in boxes you can arrange clothes, underwear, bedding, various personal things and much more. The presence of several boxes allows you to find quickly things when everything is in its place. You can use not only the internal space of the boxes, but also the surface of the countertop, on which you often put frames with photos, houseplants, figurines and other objects;

Decorative function – wooden chest of drawers is an important part of the interior. Correctly chosen model for color, style, design will be in harmony with the appearance of the premises, supporting the basic idea chosen for design.

Kinds of chests of drawers

When deciding to buy a chest of drawers, it is necessary to make a choice from the whole variety of options in favor of the most suitable option for a particular room. Common types include:

Mini chest of drawers - the hallmark is the compactness of the overall dimensions, which makes this option ideal for small rooms, as well as when you need to store a few things. Such chests can be horizontal and vertical;

Classic - different regularity of forms, provides for the presence of several offices, differing in spaciousness, so that it is convenient to store different items;

With a mirror - a more functional design that can be used as a dressing table.

The difference is in the number of offices. Most often, there are four. At the same time, two small boxes can be placed on top, where it is convenient to store underwear, socks and other small things.

Models can have different heights, but more often it is about 130 centimeters, which is enough for comfortable use. The width, as a rule, is not more than one meter. If the design is low, the number of boxes here will be smaller.

Bedroom furniture made of solid wood is beautiful and practical. After all, they can accommodate all the little things you need. Online furniture store “MrHousey.co.uk” offers a wide assortment of chests of drawers for bedrooms. Spacious wooden chests with many drawers, indispensable in the bedroom, and of course elegant bedside tables. All models are made of natural, reliable and high-quality materials. Our furniture has always been highly valued abroad. Therefore, you can be sure that our bedside tables will last for many years.