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The modern manufacturers of bedroom furniture offer so-called "ready solutions". If before the ear of our compatriot was the usual name of a bedroom set, nowadays the "furniture program for a bedroom", "furniture from one collection to a room for sleeping" is heard more and more. But in any case we are talking about some necessary set of furniture, which is needed not only for a comfortable sleep, but also for placing clothes, pastel clothes and other accessories.

The choice and purchase of individual pieces of furniture and decor for the bedroom - the process is difficult and time-consuming. But, those who are not satisfied with "ready solutions" from manufacturers, will have to try and create an organic set of furniture for the bedroom yourself. To fully satisfy your ideas and choose a practical, reliable ensemble that will last for many years and will please your appearance, it is necessary to relate your own desires, the size of the room (its shape) and financial possibilities.

It is very important to adapt your wishes to the size of the room - if the bedroom is small, then do not bother with furniture items in order to avoid cluttering up the space. If the bedroom on the contrary is very spacious, then it will be ridiculous to look small bedside tables or small shelves, open shelves of modest size.

Storage systems in the bedroom are necessary, especially for flats and houses, in which there is no separate dressing room for clothes, shoes and accessories. If your bedroom is spacious enough, you can consider the purchase of cabinets from the modular offer of manufacturers "ready-made solutions for the bedroom.

Typically, such storage systems are of impressive size and are designed for rooms with standard parameters. But in this case you will not need to worry about the consistency of the material and the color palette of all the furniture, because it goes, what is called in the kit.

If the modular version of the storage systems does not suit you for one reason or another, then you can refer to the embedded furniture. In this case, you can take into account all the features of the size and shape of your room, the nuances of the location of other furniture and save a significant portion of the useful space.

Storage systems can be placed on either side of the bed (instead of bedside tables), unless the room for sleeping space permits. As a result, the bed is located in a shallow niche, which creates additional comfort, a cozy place to sleep and brings originality to the interior. To the storage systems that fill all the space from ceiling to floor, do not look too bulky, part of the shelves are made open or supply the doors (or parts thereof) with glass inserts.

Chest can replace a wardrobe in the bedroom of a small size or if the apartment has a dressing room and a need for a large storage system is eliminated. Dresser takes up less space, but it is able to fit a lot of important details and garments, underwear.

If the size of the bedroom is more than modest and does not allow you to place even a small cabinet, in this case, you can consider the installation of an outboard tape storage system - small lockers are located one after another practically under the ceiling. But a small chest of drawers in this case will be necessary - for placing linen and other small things for daily use.

If your bedroom has a fireplace, then the logical location of storage systems will be the space around it. In such rooms, the focus of attention is not always a bed, as the central element of furniture. If the fireplace is a grain of the interior concept, then the storage systems should play the role of the suite and create an appropriate setting.

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