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  1. Belluno Elegante Bed 120x200
    Special Price £399.95 Regular Price £799.95
  2. Belluno Elegante Bed 140
    Special Price £459.00 Regular Price £849.00
  3. Belluno Elegante Bed 160
    Special Price £489.00 Regular Price £889.00
  4. Double House Bed (180x200) | Solid Ashwood ❗️IN STOCK❗️
    Special Price £399.00 Regular Price £599.00
  5. Farsta bed Angle 140x200
    Special Price £669.00 Regular Price £1,300.00
  6. Farsta bed Angle 180x200
    Special Price £729.00 Regular Price £1,449.00
  7. Farsta bed Herringbone 140x200
    Special Price £605.00 Regular Price £1,210.00
  8. Farsta bed Herringbone 180x200
    Special Price £665.00 Regular Price £1,330.00
  9. Marone Bed
    Special Price £399.00 Regular Price £749.00
  10. Marone Bed Narrow
    Special Price £329.00 Regular Price £649.00
  11. Sven Bed

11 Items

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What associations cause people the phrase "wooden bed"? There is no one right answer. After all, wood is a unique material in breadth of processing and application possibilities. Let us get acquainted with the variety of design of a wooden bed and choose the most ideal for you and your house.

1. Simply and concisely

These beds are made up of elementary elements and represent an ascetic bed pattern that does not require anything extra. These models will suit you, if you are free and independent. Often the choice to dwell on them, young people, because the prices on the market of wooden beds of this design range from economy class to the very expensive copies of the world's best brands.

2. Modern technologies

The possibilities for the production of pine / wooden and oak beds are expanding day by day. You can buy ultramodern models from a bent array, equipped with fixtures. If you love everything new and interiors in loft style, high-tech and minimalism, this bed is for you.

3. Intentional rudeness

This bed model is often used in country style. Use it in country houses and hunting estates, where large spaces and many other wooden interior items.

4. Modular system

This option is ideal for small city apartments. Assembled from the modules in a single design with a cabinet and shelving, it takes up a possible minimum space. What are only boxes for storage under the mattress - in such places it will be very convenient for you to store bed linens, pillows and bedspreads.

5. Classical design

These pine beds in a classical style will suit conservatives. You love everything unshakable, proven and reliable quality – you can look at such models without fear. Simple, but at the same interesting design harmoniously fits into the interior of both classical and country style and with the right filing and textile design - in more modern styles.

The variability of the use of wood is wide, therefore, by choosing one of its main advantages – natural and ecological, you absolutely do not have to limit yourself to either style or aesthetics, or financially - there are options for everyone. That is why wooden beds deservedly lead in the modern market.

The design of beds made from solid wood differs only in its inherent charm. You will be surprised how such a product will transform your modern and stylish bedroom, bring warmth into it. Our products were designed by designers who follow the trends of furniture art. With photo of beds from a tree you can familiarize on a site of our Internet shop. You can order a bed made of natural wood, being in Europe. On the UK’s best online furniture store, you have the opportunity to buy inexpensive single beds, which are not inferior as a double.

The price of our goods is different for everyone. To make a purchase, you should, first of all, look at the catalog of designer wooden beds. There is created a very convenient search, which will help you choose beautiful models of wooden beds. Our company always takes care of customers, so we organize the delivery of orders promptly. A wooden bed will be at your house in a matter of days. Buy a wooden bed online at MrHousey.co.uk – it's profitable, fast and affordable! We are the leader in sales of wooden furniture. The price of quality wooden furniture will attract your attention, because it is not overpriced.