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  1. Concept White Double Bed 120x200 cm by Vox
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  2. Double House Bed (180x200) | Solid Ashwood ❗️IN STOCK❗️
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  3. Marone Bed
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  4. Marone Bed Narrow
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  5. Modern 4 Poster Bed With Storage by Vox
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  6. Novum Modern Budget Bed With Oak Legs
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  7. Single Bed With Canopy | 4 Poster Bed
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  8. Spot Double Bed in White & Acacia
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  9. Spot Double Bed With Storage Cabinet Headboard in White
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  10. Sven Bed
  11. Vox Concept Single Bed (90x200) in White & Oak Legs
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In any bedroom, the bed is not only the main piece of furniture, but also the coordination center of space. It is around the bed that the whole concept of the design of the room for sleep and rest is being built. The way the bed will look depends to a large extent on the interior of the room, but on how it performs its functional - our well-being, the quality of sleep, and hence the state of health, directly depends. A healthy, strong sleep will help to ensure and stop in the bedroom - a calm neutral palette, pleasant textiles, comfortable and high-quality furniture. It is the acquisition of the central element of bedroom furniture will be devoted to this publication.

Bed for an ascetic bedroom

Considering that we spend one third of our life in a dream, to approach the choice of the main subject for providing a sound and deep sleep, it is necessary with all seriousness. You can save on other furniture items, decor and even interior decoration, but for a good rest you need a good bed. Let us talk in more detail about what are the criteria for choosing a bed.

Bed frame

Simply put, the design of the bed consists of a frame and a base on which the mattress is mounted. Conditionally, all existing frameworks can be divided into two types:


  • The frame consists of two supporting backs and two yokes (panels) 
    As part of the frame, you can select four skirts and hinged backrests. Such backs can be two or only one (headboard) 

  • A small niche at the head of the bed
    If the bed is constructed according to the second type of frame, then, as a rule, it is located on four legs (sometimes as wheels, sidewalls, additional structures like podium or platform).


The carved product

Which option to choose is your business. In fact, not so important are the features of the construction of the bed, how important the manufacturer, the material and the conscientiousness of production. If we talk about statistics, the legs of the beds break more often than the backs, but this is not absolute.

Single variant

In addition to the construction, the material from which the bed frame is made is of great importance. Sleeping places made of metal and solid wood are the most reliable and durable option.

Bleached wood

Less reliable show themselves beds from MDF and fiberboard. The most common problems with such designs are cracks in the places of fastenings, because of which furniture loosens and starts to creak. If the bed frame is made of chipboard, then such troubles in the process of exploitation will arise even earlier. Beds from the chipboard are the cheapest, but they will not last long.

Modern model

Similar problems with ventilation arise also in beds with drawers located at the bottom of the structure of the bed. Choosing beds with lifting mechanisms or drawers makes sense only in the case of a real shortage of storage space. Otherwise, it is better to discard additional storage systems in favor of a much longer life of your mattress.

Elegant design

Rustic interior, or country stylistics, successfully transfers the integration of forged furnishings. The bed of metal, painted in white, will harmoniously look like in the style of Provence, and in a room decorated in the style of the shabby-chic.

A classic solid wood bed is always in trend

No matter how much time has passed, no matter what new materials appear for the manufacture of furniture, and the array of wood will remain popular, in demand and one of the most reliable materials. The bed, made of solid wood, is itself a decoration of the room, and if the entourage for it is matched, then the stylish bedroom becomes a cult place in the house.


A made natural wood bed can become a focal point not only of a classic bedroom. In a modern interior, wooden products without excessive decor are integrated very successfully.

Bed with canopy - forgotten traditions in modern interior

In ancient times, the canopy was invented as a means for keeping heat - it was made of dense fabric and in most cases had a thick lining. Canopy is fastened on four racks, which could be wooden or metal. In our time, the canopy performs a more decorative role; it is made of thin, airy fabrics, as a rule, tulle textiles.

According to the configuration of the bed with the possibility of using the canopy there are racks that are attached to the frame of the bed and the whole construction of the sleeping place located on the platform or base, to which the canopy-supporting rails are mounted.

In our online furniture store you can buy a modern bed from the manufacturer with delivery to the apartment. All beds are available in numerous sizes and colors. You can choose a bed in a modern style from the presented models: set the size and price range, choose the optimal color solution and material of execution - chipboard, metal or furniture fabric.

Choose for yourself and your loved ones modern beds from UK’s best online furniture store and enjoy a quality healthy sleep every single day!