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Bedroom furnishing is a responsible, but pleasant process. For each owner, the result of his work is expressed in different interior options - someone needs a relaxing, neutral atmosphere for calm preparation for sleep, for others it is important to be able to recharge energy and positive on waking in the morning. Modern trends in the design of bedrooms provide the opportunity to choose a design for every taste.

Natural shades of natural materials

The use of wood or its analogues of high quality becomes a trend, thanks to the influence of eco-style on the development of modern design in rooms of different functional loads. Bedrooms are not an exception - the active use of wooden facing panels, boards and floorboards brings not just a natural spirit to the room, it transforms it, raises the degree of uniqueness and originality of space.

Using wood trim to create an accent surface is a frequent design. You can use natural material to wall the bed behind the head of the bed or arrange the plane that you will see first on waking up - it all depends on your preferences.

Not surprisingly, the latest trends in the arrangement of bedroom furniture are aimed primarily at the bed. The assortment of models of beds is able to turn a head even to the most tempted buyer. Beds of wood and its analogues, metal and with an absolutely soft frame, decorated with carvings or glass decor, hanging and seemingly suspended in the bed "without legs", incredibly low, with rounded shapes and unusual solutions in the field of textile design.

A bright bed with a soft headboard instantly becomes the center of attraction of all looks, if placed in a room with a light finish, not distracting attention from the central piece of furniture.

A metal bed with a forged decor will never cease to be in a trend. To "soften" the image of a sleeping place, the metal frame can be covered with white paint completely or partially. In addition to the construction, the material from which the bed frame is made is of great importance. Sleeping places made of metal and solid wood are the most reliable and durable option.

Less reliable show themselves beds from MDF and fiberboard. The most common problems with such designs are cracks in the places of fastenings, because of which furniture loosens and starts to creak. If the bed frame is made of chipboard, then such troubles in the process of exploitation will arise even earlier. Beds from the chipboard are the cheapest, but they will not last long.

Beds with soft upholstery

The modern trend in the design of beds suggests that this is not just a piece of furniture for sleeping and resting, but also a beautiful, practical and yet secure object of your furnishing. Beds with soft upholstery became popular due to the presence of all the above qualities.

A trendy modern or traditional wooden bed

No matter how much time has passed, no matter what new materials appear for the manufacture of furniture, and the array of wood will remain popular, in demand and one of the most reliable materials. The bed, made of solid wood, is itself a decoration of the room, and if the entourage for it is matched, then the bedroom becomes a cult place in the house.

Here are some practical tips for choosing a bed in accordance with its size:

  • If you buy a bed in the finished bedroom interior, then exactly measure the area of ​​space that is allocated for it;
  • If on the package or the price list of the bed it is indicated that the size is "standard" - specify the parameters of the consultant;
  • It is better to check the dimensions of the product yourself, often in the price-list only the dimensions of the sleeping place are indicated, and not the bed itself;
  • Choose the largest size that can accommodate your bedroom (standard sizes of berths in double beds - 160, 180 and 200 cm);
  • Considering the options for the size of beds, do not forget about the length - an ideal and sufficient is considered to be a value that is 15 cm higher than the height of the person who will sleep on the bed;
  • The height of the bed above the floor is also of great importance, ideally if the bed mattress reaches the knee of a nearby person (the latest trends in fashion in the field of beds tend to low models, but they are not suitable for the elderly - the older the person, the higher should be his bedroom a place).

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