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Making our home or apartment is a kind of visiting card. It reflects our style and rhythm of life, taste preferences and attitude to comfort. Many owners of houses and apartments prefer to entrust the business of decorating their dwellings to professionals who, in close connection with them, can create an interior that most closely meets all the requirements of convenience, aesthetics and functionality. But if you have free time and desire, you can create a dream design yourself, by studying the latest trends and by trying to choose from the proposed design ideas that will best meet your needs and the criteria of beauty, practicality and comfort. Starting a difficult way to design your own home is best from one room. For example, the interior of a bedroom is an important link in the chain of drawing up the design of an apartment or a house. In a dream, we spend a third of our life - a quality, comfortable and deep sleep affects our health, emotional state and level of activity. From the design of the bedroom.

And yet, it is possible to single out the main trends in creating a modern bedroom interior, from which it will be possible to push off, making an adjustment for the size, shape and layout of the room:

  • The modern bedroom is often a separate room, even in studio apartments, where the kitchen, dining room and living room (often the hallway) are united in one space, the privacy of the sleeping room is preserved;
  • Bedroom – a spacious and bright room (even if your room cannot boast of a large number of square meters, in your power to create the illusion of space, freedom, ease of interior design);
  • Personal comfort is the main priority, which is why great attention is paid to the ergonomics of furniture planning and manufacturing, as well as the use of materials that are safe for people and the environment for finishing the room and the execution of interior items;
  • In a space-saving environment, transformer furniture, built-in structures and multifunctional surfaces - consoles and modules that can be used multitasking - are actively used;
  • Laconic solutions are often the most relevant - if you can simplify the design of a particular piece of furniture, then modern stylistics will do it, even classical motifs find new reflection in the design of the actual design;
  • Through the use of natural materials and the use of natural colors in the color palette of the interior, the connection with the environment is realized, natural motifs are emphasized.


White color is associated with cleanliness, tranquility and ease - this is the atmosphere many of us expect from the room in which we have to rest and gain strength for new workdays, new achievements and victories. Use white color as the main and two more tones, like accents and your room for sleeping and resting will not only be easy for emotional perception, but also stylish, modern.

White color fits perfectly into the concept of modern stylistics, which is burdensome to the use of Scandinavian motifs. The style of Northern Europe is simple and laconic, but at the same time comfortable and cozy. It has a lot of light and space, there is a sense of freedom, but not a minimalist, cold, but cozy, homely, warm. It is not difficult to compose a bedroom interior with motifs of Scandinavian style if you like to use white as a background and place contrasting interior elements in it in gray and woody tones on it.

If your bedroom has a fireplace (it does not matter, acting or only its imitation), then the space around it just needs a "natural stone" finish. Modern imitations of masonry look no worse than natural material, but they are easy to install, much less weigh and less whimsical in care. Even a small piece of surface, finished with artificial stone, will bring the luxury of a country house, even within the city apartment.

If the room that was decided to be given to the bedroom does not have a large area, then some standard design techniques for decorating the space for it simply will not work. First of all, you need to get rid of all that is superfluous. A small space can very quickly become cluttered if you do not constantly monitor the appearance of "necessary" interior items and do not sift them. In the small bedroom there are only the most important items of furniture - a bed and a storage system (in some cases and from the cabinet or chest you have to refuse).

In small rooms, the lighting system is given special attention. After all, properly selected and located in the space of light sources can perform a miracle - visually increase the room, create a truly warm, cozy atmosphere. A small area of the bedroom - not an excuse to be content only with the central chandelier. It is better to have the ability to maneuver - sources of light to read before bed or create a special, intimate environment.

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