White Furniture for your Living Room?


White colour is often considered to be cold and boring. However, it is probably the most universal colour that is more and more often used by interior designers.

It works great both for traditional style spaces as well as modern design rooms. Another advantage of white colour is that it adds brightness and roominess to small and dark interiors.

If you want to make your living room look nice, airy and spacious white furniture and accessories are great choice.

Please find some inspirations how to make your contemporary living room stand out.



First option are massive white armchairs or accent chairs. Large white colour sofa or corner sofa gives even better effect.

High gloss white furniture, which have become very popular recently, are great addition to be considered.

To start with nice coffee table or elegant white TV stand. Combination of high gloss white fronts with glass shelves or cabinet doors looks always impressive.

Display cabinet or hangng shelving unit seem to be a perfect solution.


But you must be aware that you living room is the place where you familly members are spending a lot of time.

It has to be practical and friendly. Therefore you have to be carefull not to overdose the white glamor.

So if you go with a white or bright sofa or armchair together with coffee table or lowborad TV stand, single or double high gloss cabinet would be best complemenatation. That should be enough.

If you are not fully convinced with the white minimalistic trend and you find it too cold solution, there is another step to take.



White furniture are truly universal and can be matched reasonably with a lot of different items and accesories in your living room.

Timber and solid wood piece or elements of furniture harmonize very good with white colour.

Another option is to choose second leading colour to break the white domination.

However, remember to do it wisely, strating with rather smaller piece of living room furniture and accessories like colorful sofa cushions, courtains or chair sitting cushions.


When buying new furniture for your living room - remember about the quality of the product. Time spent and intensive usage of living room sofa, TV stand and coffee table make them vulnerable.

Therefore make sure these are mode of high qulaity materials.

Buying furniture at Funique.co.uk you can be sure that you receive top quality products for reasonable prices.

If you have any questions or need advice on choosing the right furniture for your living room, do not hesitate to contact us.