When to Buy a Brown Sofa Online?

Brown sofaSo the decision has been made that your old sofa is no longer up to the job and a new one is needed. But when you look around the shops selling sofas online in the UK, there is a staggering range. So how do you know what is the right sofa to choose for your room? And why is a brown sofa the most popular option for many people?

Firstly, let’s be practical – if you have kids, pets or both then brown sofas are the most forgiving. Because, no matter how well intentioned the kids are it is inevitable that there are stains and spills on the sofas and pets have no concept of keeping things clean. Of all the colours available, dark brown has shown to be the least likely to show up stains and marks.

Then there is the practical nature of its colour. People sometimes think that brown is boring but the fact is that there is hardly a colour scheme or room theme out there that brown doesn’t work alongside. Interior decorators often choose dark brown when wanting a plain coloured sofa for a room because it doesn’t dominate a space when it is surrounded by lighter coloured elements. Lots of people favour neutral coloured walls and it will work perfectly alongside this scheme, especially when colourful accents and accessories are used.

Brown is also a warm colour so if the room in question is one that never feels warm, this can help. Of course, it doesn’t actually create heat but by using its warm, comforting shades with other similar elements, it can help tilt the balance of the room from chilly to chilled. Use a brown corner sofa with accent cushions in colours like deep red, mustard yellow or burnt sienna to keep that warm feel going.

The other main benefit of a brown sofa is that it works so well with other coloured furniture. For example, you find a perfect sofa in a deep mahogany shade but you can’t find the matching chairs. It doesn’t matter because by taking a lighter shade of brown for the chairs, the suite will connect together beautifully. Alternatively, if you have a chair that’s a different colour to the sofa, add accent cushions on the sofa in the shade of the chair to combine everything together.

It even works using the same colour on the walls as the sofa when lighter features are used. Take a dark chestnut brown sofa and paint the walls the same colour then contrast the fireplace in a stark white and make sure the doors in the room are the same. Go for furniture that is lightly coloured and curtains that are a mid-tone between the dark and the light. This makes for a cosy and warm room that welcomes everyone that enters it.

Brown sofas can be bought in all the main material types including leather and as many styles as can be imagined. This means that no matter what type you are searching for, there will be the perfect sofa to match in a warming, friendly tone of brown.